With a turn of the calendar into September, National Preparedness Month is here. This year, the Oregon Department of Emergency Management is asking Oregonians to plan today, to be ready tomorrow. The agency is asking Oregonians to take steps to prepare for all types of emergencies and disasters. Over the last several years, Oregon has experienced losses and impacts from historic emergencies and disasters. Recent floods, wildfires, excessive heat, ice storms, and drought remind us of the importance of preparedness. Oregonians should take steps to be 2 Weeks Ready, having an emergency plan and enough food, water, and supplies to survive for at least two weeks following any disaster. Preparing for an emergency doesn’t have to cost a lot; there are many simple and effective low-cost and no-cost actions Oregonians can take today to be ready for tomorrow. Examples include enabling Wireless Emergency Alerts on cell phones, identifying evacuation routes, making copies of important documents, watching preparedness videos, knowing how to perform first aid, and getting to know neighbors and community resources. Being prepared means more than just gathering supplies; it also means having a plan, being informed, being aware of risks, and knowing how to get information. The Oregon Department of Emergency Management has a wide range of preparedness tips. To learn more about what you can do to plan today to be ready tomorrow, the department has many resources posted online. Compliments of the Oregon Department of Emergency Management, https://www.oregon.gov/oem/ .