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Schools Update: Volunteers

The beginning of the school year has arrived, and the results of the preparations made by several groups of people in our community are being seen. Teachers have collaborated and planned lessons for their students. Students have put together their school supplies and now know who will be their teacher. Parents have put the finishing touches on summer, and are preparing for a quieter household during the day. We are all ready for the start of school.

Another group of people anticipating the start of the school year are Volunteers. Here in Vernonia we are blessed with a strong group of volunteers who are always looking for ways they can help students and teachers to be more successful. Volunteers in Vernonia Schools dedicate hundreds of hours each year, working and reading with students in the classroom, helping teachers prepare for lessons, helping with facility maintenance, or coaching any number of our sports programs. Their time is greatly appreciated, and an invaluable resource for our staff, students and schools.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, we would love to have you join our team! Amanda Wolf will once again be our District’s Volunteer Coordinator. She will be working with staff to determine their needs for help, and then coordinating those needs with the skills and preferred task requests from those people generously donating their time to our students.

Some of those volunteer opportunities include helping students in the classroom, preparing materials for teachers, weeding and mowing on campus and at the wetlands, helping with picture day and other school events, or chaperoning a field trip or school activity. The possibilities are endless, and if you have ideas of your own how you can help, please let us know. A quick application and clear background check are all that is needed to start helping soon.

The time spent working with and for children can be very rewarding, for both volunteers and students. If you are interested, please contact Amanda Wolf at the Vernonia Schools building at 503-429-1333. Together we can truly make a difference.


The Value of Volunteers

VHS wrestlers and cheerleaders left to right:     Damian Young, Meagan Schirmeister, Jake Harbour,  Nichole Gardner and Justin Fletcher.

VHS wrestlers and cheerleaders left to right:
Damian Young, Meagan Schirmeister, Jake Harbour,
Nichole Gardner and Justin Fletcher.

Most organizations utilize volunteers. Vernonia Cares Food Bank (VCFB), located within the American Legion Building at 627 Adams Avenue, relies upon volunteers for many aspects of its service functions. Operating a food bank compares closely to running a grocery store; food must be ordered, delivered, unloaded, stocked and then made available. The difference is that all of these activities are usually performed by volunteers.

In the month of July 2014, VCFB was staffed by 33 volunteers who donated 440 hours. Through the efforts of these volunteer, emergency food was available to 466 Vernonians. This represents a significant percentage of our local population. Considering that 49% of those people who were assisted are children or senior citizens, this is a vital service to our community.

Who helps and what do volunteers do? Jay Nesmith of Vernonia Hardware comes once a month with his forklift to move the 7,000-10,000 pounds of food off the freight truck so other volunteers can hand truck the food into the food bank. In July and August local helpers, the Vernonia High School wrestling team, the Vernonia Cheerleaders, and the young men from NW Vapors store helped unload freight. Other volunteers placed the frozen food into freezers. Since the food bank is open Tuesday and Thursday, from 10-2, volunteers keep the shelves stocked, assist clients with shopping and keep the facility clean. Weekly, two gentleman travel to Forest Grove and Beaverton to bring day old bread products to VCFB. Many volunteers have helped for years; others are newer. However, volunteerism is what keeps the food bank operational.  Read More

An Opinion: It Does Take a Village

Another Jamboree has come and gone in Vernonia, and hopefully all of you enjoyed a weekend of fun, festivities and friendship.

Many of you may be surprised to learn that the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show doesn’t just happen spontaneously and on its own.  It takes a lot of work and planning.  It also takes money.  And it especially takes a lot of volunteers.  In fact, it almost takes the entire town to make this weekend come together and happen.

And “come together” is the key phrase here.  Because that’s what has to happen if we are going to host a successful Jamboree weekend.  What we see every year at Jamboree time is our community working together in the name of friendship and pride.  Numerous groups and individuals band together, invite visitors and old friends to return and enjoy our hospitality and then put on a three day celebration for everyone to enjoy.

It’s because so many people give selflessly that Jamboree and the Logging Show happen each year. Read More

Schools Update: Volunteer Needs

While our new school building is gorgeous and incredible, there were a number of projects that weren’t included in the original construction budget. We are looking for volunteer help in order to complete these projects.

The Vernonia School District is looking for volunteers to help with several projects this summer, including constructing a greenhouse, installing a set of playground swings, landscape maintenance and work at “The Old Mill Marsh” wetlands area. Those people interested in helping should leave a message for Aaron Miller at the school district, 503-429-1345 or 503-429-5891. Once a list of volunteers is developed, work parties will be planned to try and best fit into volunteers’ schedules.

A brief description of each volunteer project follows.

Funds from the Bureau of Land Management have provided the district with a 1400 square foot greenhouse that will be used to propagate native plant material for use by the District, the Upper Nehalem Watershed Council and other agencies that perform native plant restoration projects. The main support poles and trusses are in place, but continued work to piece together the metal frame, and install the double wall plastic siding still needs to be completed. Any willing volunteers with construction experience would be greatly appreciated. Read More