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An Opinion: Consider Yourself Asked

One of the things that make life in a small, rural community so interesting is that we have to create our own opportunities.  We manage to find ways to entertain ourselves, our families and our friends even though we don’t have access to all the resources, organizations, and facilities that folks in the city or suburbs have.  We don’t have the population base to support and fund a lot of infrastructure and so we are often left to make do with what we can piece together from what we already have.  We often have to create our own entertainment, build our own organizations, and support ourselves to create our own vibrant and active community.

One of the ways that we can judge vibrancy is by the activities that we are able to provide for our youth.  Creating organized activities for children is one of the really big challenges for rural communities.   I have often heard that “…there is nothing for kids to do in Vernonia.”  It is true that we don’t have movie theaters, bowling alleys, sports teams for all ages and jobs for teens that want them.  What we do have are a lot of parents and volunteers who give a lot of their time to organize and provide activities for our children.  We have very active groups like the PTA, Boosters and Scouts who support activities for youth in our community.  We have a host of volunteer coaches and parents who help with youth sports,  including Little Guy football, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball.   Read More