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VHS Digital Arts Classes Offer College Credit

Vernonia High School is offering dual credit for students who enroll in either of two new Digital Arts classes.

TAKEGRAPHICS-FOR-MULTIMEDIAStudents can take Video Production I and Graphics for Multimedia with Digital Arts instructor Doran Lower and receive both high school and college credit simultaneously.  College credit is through Portland Community College (PCC).

“The idea of these classes is, not only to have other electives available in our school, but also to provide our students with the opportunity to receive free college credits before they actually leave high school,” says Lower.

According to Lower, both classes are being made available as part of the high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.  Funding to establish the program came from PCC and the Vernonia School District CTE Grant.  The CTE grant purchased a new Creative Cloud 2014 Adobe Suite of software for Lower’s computer lab.

Lower is an approved dual credit instructor through PCC.  Once enrolled in the high school class, students can register for PCC credit and then have eighteen weeks to complete the work required for the ten week college course.  Lower inputs grades for students into the PCC system. Read More