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Veteran Service Provides Outreach

VeteranServiceRussClark-webRuss Clark, the new Veterans Service Officer for Columbia County has been on the job for a little over three months.  And he is looking for more vets to help.

Clark, who has an office at the Community Action Team building at 125 N. 17th Street in St. Helens, has been doing monthly outreach visits to Vernonia, Clatskanie and Rainier in an effort to reach more veterans.

“I’m not seeing as many clients as I had anticipated, to be quite honest,” said Clark during his most recent visit to the Vernonia community on August 6th.   “That is one of the reasons I want to do these outreaches-to try to get out into the communities to see more clients.”

Clark provides services for veterans, claimants and survivors.  He helps veterans get enrolled into the VA health system.  He also assists veterans who were injured while in the service and have a current disability related to that injury.  Clark helps them submit their claim and through the benefits process.  Clark also helps veterans who may be eligible to receive a VA pension.  “VA pensions are usually for  veterans  who, for whatever circumstances, are barely making it in the world,” says Clark.  “The idea of the pension is to provide them with some assistance to allow them to survive and live.”  Clark also helps veterans access the many education benefits that are available to them.    Read More