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Keturah Coffee Roasters: Artisan Coffee Crafted in Vernonia

Vernonians now have a new option for a really great cup of coffee right here in town.

Sam and Kari Hough are now roasting small batches of artisan coffee in their home and are making it available for purchase.

KeturahCoffeeRoastingBeans-webSmall batch artisan coffee is a newer movement built on the idea that consumers are interested in knowing about the product farm-to-cup.  The coffee generally uses high quality beans that are lightly and medium roasted to retain the flavors from the region where they are grown and can be personally roasted to fit the taste of the consumer.

“We’re happy to be introducing people to the world of good, fresh coffee, said Sam Hough during a recent visit to see their coffee roasting operation.

What started as a hobby and a desire to drink the best coffee they could brew, the Houghs have expanded their passion into a small, home based business.

“I’ve been roasting my own coffee for quite a long time,” said Sam. “I started out doing it in a frying pan, and learned how to roast it really well that way, and then moved into using a popcorn popper. Back then we were doing it for ourselves and giving it to friends as gifts, and people really liked our coffee.”

KeturahCoffeeFamily-webSam is the pastor at the Vernonia Christian Church and Kari does pet grooming and pet care in the community.  They homeschool their children, and have created a small urban farm on their property on OA Hill, with rabbits, chickens, bees, a small orchard and they make their own kambucha and keiffer.  A home based coffee roasting business was a perfect fit, something they could fit in around their somewhat flexible schedules and other responsibilities.

Sam says his goal is to build up some small and medium wholesale accounts; he’s already secured several through connections in Vernonia.  A local Bed and Breakfast is using their coffees as well as several local realtors in gift baskets for new clients.  They have also established a good retail following of locals who stop by to pick up their roasted coffee beans or have them delivered by Sam or Kari.  They’ve also started a website (www.keturahcoffee.com) where customers can order coffee for mail shipment or delivery if they live in Vernonia.  The website also features high quality coffee grinders, drip coffee makers and espresso machines that can be purchased through Keturah Coffee Roasters.   Read More

Thunder and Lightning In Vernonia

ScuttlebuttTree-webMost of us won’t soon forget the incredible thunder and lightning storm that rocked the Vernonia region on Tuesday, August 12th.  Meteorologists reported thousands of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in just one hour.  Vernonian Mike Easlon found this 100 foot tree just off  Rose Avenue which was split right down the middle, a result of one of those lightning strikes.


Run! Day Camp for Dogs

RunLabFence-webYou’ve probably driven past the numerous vans or buses.  Each van says ‘Run!’ in big letters across the front and sides.  You may have noticed them on their way to and from Vernonia each day during the last year and a half.

Well, in case you’ve been wondering, those vans and buses are filled with dogs who are either coming or going from a ‘day camp’ where they spend the day running and playing with other dogs.

Run! is a local business, owned and managed by Erica Ochs,  located about 1.5 miles up Keasey Road.  Each day upwards of fifty dogs arrive from the Portland metro area to spend the day exercising and staying active on the  twenty-four acres of fenced and heavily wooded property.  Most of the dogs at Run! would be locked up at home, inside all day while their owners are at work.  Run! provides a convenient service, transporting the dogs to a place where they can… well, run!

“We offer a pick-up and drop-off service, that’s a big part of our business,” says Ochs.

RunGroup-webDuring a recent visit to the Run! property I had a chance to experience first hand what it’s like to be greeted and surrounded by about thirty dogs.  They were very curious about the newcomer. Some wanted to say hello and receive a pat, others just wanted to give me a sniff and see who I was, and others stayed a few feet away, not wanting to get too close.

RunBellyRub-webRunWorker-webI also had a chance to witness another big part of the business -  the human and canine interaction the dogs receive each day.  Workers are with the dogs all day while they are on the property, re-directing their energy and correcting them when needed.  They play, pet and talk with the dogs, giving them positive feedback as well.  The dogs get socialized with all types of other dogs and learn how to behave in a large group. Sometimes it looks like the workers are having as much fun as, or maybe more, than the dogs.

Ochs says she has been working with dogs and getting them outside to run free for the last seventeen years.  After graduating from college she had her sights set on a job in the corporate world.  “Then I realized that I couldn’t take my dog to work with me,’ says Ochs.  “I wasn’t going to take a job and leave my dog locked up all day.”  Ochs found a handful of clients in Northwest Portland and began walking and running their dogs in Forest Park.  She then leased property in Banks and established the current model for her  business—a pick-up and drop-off day camp. Eventually she was able to purchase her own property in Columbia County just outside of Vernonia and brought her preexisting clientele with her.  Read More

Bonamici Holds Town Hall in Vernonia

Bonamici-webUS Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici held a Town Hall meeting at the Vernonia Schools Commons on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Bonamici, who represents Oregon’s 1st Congressional House District, which includes all of Columbia, Clatsop, Washington and Yamhill and parts of Multnomah Counties, met with local constituents for over an hour.  Bonamici, who is running for re-election in November, discussed current issues she is working on as well as concerns raised by attendees.

In her opening remarks Bonamici noted that she represents a very diverse district which includes urban, suburban, rural and coastal communities as well as forestry, fishing, agriculture and high tech.  “That’s what makes it wonderful and that’s what always inspires me to look at things from every different perspective,” said Bonamici

Bonamici, who is earning a reputation as a collaborator in congress who is willing to work across party lines, told the audience that since the government shutdown last October she has seen a willingness of congressional leaders to try to work together.  “That shutdown was a big wake up call,” said Bonamici.  Bonamici noted that since the shutdown, congress was able to pass a budget and the Omnibus Appropriations Act to fund agencies.

Bonamici, who serves on the Science Committee and Eduction Committee, noted that she supported the Farm Bill, which was passed but cut funding for food stamps benefits, because, “…it had so much good in it for Oregon.”   Bonamici said the Farm Bill provided benefits for Oregon’s specialty crops, organic farmers, food banks, and pesticide research.  Read More

Oregon Marathon Comes to Vernonia September 28

The Oregon Marathon is coming to Vernonia!

That’s right, the Oregon Marathon will be held on September 28, 2013, starting in Vernonia  and  will finish in Banks. Runners will travel on the Banks-Vernonia Linear State Trail and  meander through the rain forest along the old railway, and across 11 bridges.

The Marathon starts at Vernonia High School in Vernonia, Oregon, and ends at Greenville City Park in Banks, Oregon.  There is also a Half Marathon which will start in Stub Stewart Park.

The event will be USATF sanctioned, certified, and  qualifier.

The Half Marathon has already sold out but there is still space to register for the Marathon.  Go to the web page at: http://www.uberthons.com/theoregonmarathon to sign up. Read More

Water Curtailment Measures in Vernonia



To all Vernonia Water Utility Customers

Due to drought conditions prevailing though out this region and that the ordinary demands and requirements of water consumers cannot be satisfied without depleting the water supply of the City of Vernonia to the extent that there would be insufficient water for human consumption, sanitation, fire protection and aquatic life protection.

Voluntary Reduction of the Use of Water

Nonessential Residential Water Use: 

The following residential water uses are hereby determined to be nonessential and are prohibited:

A. The use of water to wash any motorbike, motor vehicle, boat, trailer, airplane, or other vehicle, except at a commercial fixed washing facility.

B. the use of water to wash down any sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts or other hard-surfaced area, or building or structure.

C. The use of water to fill, refill or add to any indoor or outdoor swimming pools or Jacuzzi pools except for neighborhood fire control, where the pools have recycling water systems and evaporative covers, or where the use of the pool is required by a medical doctor’s prescription.

D. The use of water in a fountain or pond for aesthetic or scenic purposes except where necessary to support fish life.

Nonessential Commercial or Industrial Use: 

The following commercial or industrial water uses are hereby determined to be nonessential and are prohibited:

A. The use of water to serve a customer in a restaurant unless requested by the customer

B. The use of water for scenic and recreational ponds and lakes, except for the minimum amount required to support fish life.

C. The use of water from hydrants for construction purposes, fire drills, or any purpose other than fire-fighting.

D. The use of water by a golf course to irrigate any portion of its grounds except those areas designed at tees and greens.

E. The use of water for dust control.

Thank you for your support in conserving our water supply during this critical weather emergency.

Rock Creek Ready for Swimming!

RockCreekDamThe dam has been installed in Rock Creek and the swimming hole is ready…just in time for the hot weather scheduled for this weekend!

Sierra Service Students Back to Work in Vernonia

SierraMuseum1-webAbout sixty students and ten adults were in Vernonia during the weekend of April 6-7 working on several projects to help the community.

The students were part of the Sierra Service Project and were all high school and middle school aged.  They came from all over the western United States to spend their spring break doing service work.  A handful of local Vernonia school students and citizens joined the Sierra Service students as well.

SierraLegion1-webThe students worked at the Vernonia Pioneer Museum where they  did landscaping work, planted trees at the new Vernonia Schools campus, cleaned bricks from the old high school that will be used to build pathways in the Community Garden, painted at the American Legion Hall, cleaned up some City owned properties and did yard work for several senior citizens.

SierraSchool-webSierraLegion2-webThe students camped out for the weekend in the Vernonia Schools Campus where they were able to use the  showers and the kitchen.

Sierra Service Project is an independent, interdenominational Christian 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization affiliated with the United Methodist Church. They provide life-changing experiences for youth of all denominations through acts of service.SierraMuseum2-web