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Vernonia School Board Report

At the April 9, 2015 Vernonia School Board Meeting


Board Sets Date for Charter School Decision – The Board set a date of Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30 PM to hold a special meeting to make a decision on whether to submit a Charter School application to the State Department of Education.


Board Tables Calendar Decision – The Board tabled a decision on the 2015-16 Instructional Calendar after being presented with five options.  High School principal Nate Underwood told the board that the committee was proposing several options that provided 160 student days, 184 contact days and the required 990 hours.  The District has been unable to provide these numbers for several years.  The Board chose to table a decision until April 21 because of concerns about the state education budget which has not yet been determined and how much funding the District will receive from the state next year, as well as the pending decision about whether the District will submit an application to become a Charter School.


Board Appoints Handegard to Budget Committee – The Board appointed Angie Handegard to serve a three year term on the Budget Committee.


Board Approves Out of State Trips – The Board approved the Senior Trip to Disneyland and the 8th grade Close-up trip to Washington DC.


Board Approves Superintendent Contract – The Board approved a single contract for Superintendent Aaron Miller which was described as a full time superintendent contract which will have Miller serving as “acting elementary school principal.”  Read More

Vernonia School Board Report

At the March 12, 2015 Vernonia School Board Meeting:

Board Extends Contract – The Board approved Resolution 1415-05, extending an Administrative Contract.

Building Reports - Both Elementary Principal Aaron Miller and High School/Middle School Principal  Nate Underwood thanked Classified Employees, which includes Instructional Assistants, Secretaries, Custodians, and Food Service Workers,  for their dedication, hard work and essential service and noted they had been recognized during Classified Employee Week.  Miller also reported that PTA family Week was a big success with good attendance at several events. Underwood recognized members of the Girls Basketball Team who, in addition  to taking 4th place at the State Tournament, were also named 3rd in  OSAA Academic All State.  Underwood explained that all team member’s GPA are averaged for the competition.  The Vernonia Boys Basketball team was named 8th.

Superintendent Report -  Superintendent Aaron Miller reported that enrollment has dropped throughout the school year and is now at 561, but is still ahead of the ending number from last year.

Miller reported he is working to present a balanced budget to the Board and Budget Committee at their first meeting on April 30. Miller said he is still waiting for the state to decide the level of funding.

Miller told the Board they will receive a draft of the school year calendar next month, which will offer options for both a four day and five day week.

Miller told the Board final work is being done on Spencer Park fields and that the new shop facility is almost complete.

Charter School Update - Superintendent Miller provided the Board with an update on the progress being made by the Charter School Steering Committee.  Miller told the Board the Steering Committee is moving forward with two proposals: A District Charter Proposal and a School Charter Proposal.  Under the District Charter Proposal the Mist School would be eliminated.  Miller presented an updated timeline and informed the Board that two Public Hearings have been scheduled for March 30 and March 31. Read More