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Thank You Jamboree Committee!

Another Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show weekend has come and gone.  From what I heard throughout the weekend and have read on social media following the weekend’s conclusion, people around the community were very pleased with what they experienced at Jamboree this year.

The Jamboree Committee has been meeting throughout the year, working on plans to expand and improve Jamboree.  The committee had several goals this year: increase attendance and participation, increase the number and variety of vendors, and provide live entertainment and over-all make the event more family friendly.  It seems like they succeeded on all fronts.

Although sparsely attended at times, the entertainment was, for the most part, top notch.  It was almost impossible not to notice the large increase in vendors along Bridge and Adams Streets. Activities for kids were on prominent display from the large climbing wall to the magi show on Friday evening.  And I think everyone noticed the increase in the size of the crowd.

All and all it seems like the Jamboree Committee met their goals and provided for a fun and entertaining weekend for our community.

All of this would not have happened without the hard work of the numerous volunteers who help make Jamboree happen each year.  But this year involved a lot of extra work and several individuals need to be recognized for their outstanding efforts.  Ernie Smith was the Chair once again and pulled together a terrific team.  A very special thank you should be directed to four individuals who have been involved throughout the year and were just about everywhere, doing everything, during the weekend.  Alicia Normand, Jessie Taylor, Randy Carlton and Lance Kemper did an amazing amount of work on pre-event logistics and planning, advertising the event, pre-weekend set up and post-event clean up. Every time there was a need they volunteered.  Without these four this weekend would not have happened.  Thank you! Read More

from the editor-what you don’t know about jamboree

Many people attend the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show each year in Vernonia.  Many people return year after year because they enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new people.  Others enjoy the events: the parade, lawn mower races, horse gaming and logging competitions.  Others enjoy the food, music or other activities.  Some celebrate our heritage, whether it’s the logging culture or the fact that Jamboree weekend has been a part of the Vernonia community for almost sixty years.

The Vernonia Jamboree and Logging Show Committee recently distributed a survey to find out just how much attendees really know about the Jamboree.  Mostly they wanted to know if people really understand who organizes and pays for Jamboree.  It turns out many of us don’t understand just how Jamboree actually comes together each year.

According to the survey results, over a third of respondents think that Jamboree is run by either the Chamber of Commerce or the City of Vernonia. One third had no idea how much it cost to organize and run the Jamboree each year.   A third of those  who responded thought the Jamboree cost $5,000 or less to run.   Read More

Elvis Will Be in the New School Building!

GiveBackBashJustin new-webElvis is coming to Vernonia!

The “Give Back Bash” is an event to raise funds for athletic facilities for the new Vernonia School campus. It will be held on Saturday, August 3, 2013, and will be one of the headline events of the  “57th  Vernonia Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show” weekend.  The “Give Back Bash” will feature two concert performances by Justin Shandor, a world renowned Elvis Tribute Artist.

Shandor was named “The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” by Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2010 and recently thrilled a national television audience with his performance on the David Letterman Show on February 6, 2013.  Known for his remarkable physical resemblance to the King  (Graceland once sent Shandor a letter asking him to stop using Elvis’s image in his promotional materials;  the image was actually of Shandor!) and his amazing voice and dance moves, Shandor will perform with a full eight piece band for his shows in Vernonia.  Read More