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Vernonia Council Fires City Administrator

The Vernonia City Council voted unanimously late on Tuesday,  August 11, 2015 to terminate the contract  of City Administrator Gian Paolo Mammone without cause.

The vote followed an Executive Session scheduled by the Council to perform an annual job performance review for Mammone.

Terms of the contract separation were not immediately available.

Mammone was hired as the City Administrator in August 2014.

Council has not named a successor, but will discuss the situation at their August 17, 2015 meeting.

Council Moves Forward with City Administrator Search

The Vernonia City Council met in a special work session on Saturday, June 7 to screen applicants for the permanent City Administrator position.

City Councilors reviewed thirteen applications for the position and decided to invite five applicants to be interviewed.

The City Administrator position has been vacant since the City Council voted to terminate their contract with Bill Haack in December of 2013.  Mayor Josette Mitchell has been serving as a volunteer Interim City Administrator.  Mitchell had stated previously that she intended to apply for the permanent position.  Council did not announce the names of any of the applicants.

Interviews are scheduled for July 12th.  The interview process will include interviews by three separate panels: a panel of citizen representatives and one representative from each of the city committees, staff panel made up of department heads, and the City Council.

City Administrator Report



DEQ provided a short assessment of the EA.  Their comments are under review by Pacific Habitat Services and Tetra Tech.  Otak will coordinate a response in the form of a Technical Memo to EPA and DEQ.


The City submitted the Biosolids Management Plan to DEQ on Friday 9-6-13.  DEQ accepted the document on Monday 9-9-13 and intends to release for comment by 9-12/3-13.  The 30 day comment period ends 10-14/5-13.  This coincides with the date that land application without DEQ further approval ends (10-15-13).  The City will meet with CWS this week to look at an alternative site in Sherman/Wasco County to determine whether that site may be added to our plan.  DEQ will require evidence that the City has used best practices to accept the Polk site – that include regular review of rain data and long term forecasts provided by NOAA and other sources.  If rain forecasts are favorable we may be allowed to land apply to 11-15-13.

The City issued a contract for building a staging area to Lyda Excavating on Monday 9-9-13.  The staging area contract is for about $21,000.  The contract will move nominally 1,000 cubic yards of rock now in storage atop the surcharge are near the headworks.

The City received no proposals for biosolids removal.  Jon Forrester will contact the three firms that we had identified to determine how to fit this project into their schedule this year.  In addition, Otak will discuss other options with DEQ. Read More

City Administrator Report




The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) facility improvements project cost estimate is $6.0 million. The City Engineer will refresh this estimate this fall after the biosolids component is complete – likely in November 2013.


Pacific Habitat Services, Tetra Tech and Otak awaits NMFS review of the TT memo on this issue to determine whether an informal or formal consultation will be required.


Lyda Excavating completed the project the first week of July 2013.  The construction improvement cost $275,000 – this is less than the engineers estimate by about $35,000.   Read More