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The Good Ol’ Days

Museum News

The museum’s summer hours began the first Friday of June and will continue through Quilt Fair weekend in mid-September In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, the museum will be open Fridays from 1 – 4 pm.   Museum volunteers welcome the additional visitors during the beautiful summer months that bring bicyclists, motorcyclists, campers, and vacationers to Vernonia.

We are pleased to have an intern this summer.  Rachel Brown is studying history in college and agreed to spend some of her vacation time helping us update and digitize our artifact tags.  The informational labels for our older artifacts were typewritten back in the 1960s and have faded with age.  The new tags are being prepared by computer and printed in a larger font for improved readability.  Rachel’s help is greatly appreciated.

Ms. Rogers sixth grade class for the Vernonia Middle School visited the museum in early June as part of their local history curriculum.  The students enjoyed seeing the artifacts and pictures of early Vernonia and learned a little more about life in Vernonia several generations ago.


Independence Days of Yore  

Although the summer months were busy ones for the early day Vernonians,  there was also time for some fun and relaxation.  Just as we do today, the Fourth of July was celebrated with community events.  A July 1925 article in the Vernonia Eagle described the 1882 Fourth of July gathering in Mist:  “At that time there were merely trails through the woods and people lived several miles apart.  The chief means of transportation was horseback due to the lack of roads.  About fifty people participated in the festivities, the children amusing themselves at games and swings.  A community outdoor picnic was one of the features of the occasion.  Nelson Cole of Mist made a speech on the caption of Independence Day.”  Read More