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Better Parenting: Strengthening Your Stepfamily

For a stepfamily, the wedding is not the beginning – it’s the middle. There is a honeymoon for couples in stepfamilies – however, it tends to come at the end of the remarriage journey and not always at the beginning. You certainly don’t need to be reminded  that the remarriage journey always takes some unexpected turns.

#1 Make a plan, begin working on a tentative plan carefully with persistence and you will reap the benefits.

Most stepfamilies have come from the loss of a previous family. A new remarriage family can have both joy and hope with lingering sadness. You may feel down and your kids may seem sad- just when you hoped everyone would be happy. As changes take place try to imagine that everyone is facing loss in some way. Your losses are easy to identify. The hard part is stepping into the shoes of others to experience what is troubling them.

#2 Make a list of each family member and the losses you believe he or she has experienced. Try hard to imagine what it has been like to be that person at each step along the way. Read More