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Better Parenting: Spoiled Kids Now – Unhappy Adults Later, Part 1

What is a spoiled child?  

The sad truth is that for many parents it is easier to spoil our kids than not to spoil them.

How can I tell if I spoil mine? 

Ask yourself the following questions about your children:

Do they ignore home or school rules?

Do they keep going when you tell them to stop?

Do they seem to argue about anything?

Is it difficult to keep them happy or entertained?

Do they beg for things as though they are necessary as food?

Do they not seem to care about others feelings, wants or needs?

Do they throw tantrums on a regular basis?

Do they act like they should get what they want?

If you answered a solid yes to more than a couple of these questions, you have some work ahead of you.

Spoiling our kids is not about giving too much love. Spoiling them is providing too much care – care that may look and feel loving, but keeps a child from developing their own abilities. Read More