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2014 Annual Pancake Breakfast

VRFPDPancakeFiretruck-Color-web  This year’s annual volunteer pancake feed has come and gone. We served 159 hungry patrons, who were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were not charging them for their breakfast. We decided to treat our supportive community members as a thank you.

In every aspect, this year’s event was different, from location, to menu, and arrangement. For those that did not make it in to see us, we held the event within our own station. The menu lost a few items from previous years, but gained a new spin with eggs made to order. The buffet line was gone as well. Once inside the apparatus bay, your food order was taken, and you were seated. Food and drinks were served to your table by our fire volunteers and family members. We understand that with change, comes and few kinks to be worked out, but we hope with some minor tweaks in the system we can make an enjoyable experience for all.

While we did not have enough personnel to ensure Firepup was there, we did have fire truck rides, as well as blood pressure checks. Money donated for the firewood raffle will go towards updated wildland firefighting emergency fire shelters. These shelters are required for our personnel when we work on wildland type fires. We currently have two and need to have a total of seven.

At this time, we would like to thank all those that attended, stopped by and dropped off donations. Your continued support and extremely generous donations are greatly appreciated.

Please let us know either by mail, email, phone or even our Facebook page, how you liked the new venue and event as a whole. We will take this information into consideration for next year’s pancake feed.