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Woodland Resource Fair

OSU Extension Service is hosting a Woodland Resource Fair on Wednesday, December 4th, from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.  The free event will be at the Extension office, 505 N. Columbia River Hwy in St. Helens.

who owns wooded property in Columbia County is invited to drop by the Woodland Resource Fair to learn about programs and organizations that can assist with the care and stewardship of their land. Local representatives will be on hand from Oregon Department of Forestry, Columbia County Small Woodlands Association, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Columbia Soil and Water Conservation District, the Columbia County Assessor’s Office, and OSU Extension Service.

The event will have an informal, open-house format. Come to connect with local resource professionals, and take home some new information. Come with questions regarding the management of your forested property and take home some suggestions. For more information, contact Amy Grotta, 503-397-3462, amy.grotta@oregonstate.edu.

Diggin’ in the Dirt: On the Wing

By Chip Bubl

Oregon State University Extension Service  

Columbia County

Vernonia “Canning Tomatoes and Salsas” Class 

OSU Extension Service of Columbia Co. is offering a hands-on class on safe methods of preserving tomatoes and salsas at home.  Participants will practice making and canning a recipe in the kitchen.  Space is limited, so call soon to reserve your spot!  Pre-registration is required.  Scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance.

Where:   Vernonia Community Church. 967 State Ave, Vernonia, OR 97064

When: Saturday August 24th, 2013

Time:  9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Cost: $20.00 / person

Contact: OSU Extension Service to Register: 503-397-3462

If you have a physical disability that requires special consideration in order for you to attend, please notify our office by Aug 19th.

Food preservation and food safety

Want to learn how to safely preserve produce from your garden this summer?   The OSU Extension Service in Columbia County offers food preservation information and resources.  Here is a list of services that we provide:

•  Free Printed Publications and Safe Canning Recipes

•  Online Publications and Recipes: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/fch/food-preservation

•  Free Pressure Canner Gauge Testing (call ahead before bringing in your gauge)

•  Food Preservation and Food Safety Hotline from July through October  1-800-354-7319

•  A list of our hands-on canning classes can be found on our website: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/columbia

Jenny Rudolph, MPA

OSU/Columbia County Extension Educator Read More

Become a Weather Watcher

CoCoRaHS is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers who measure precipitation in their own backyards. There are volunteers in every state who collect and report data, providing scientists with important data that supplements that which comes from existing weather stations. By participating in CoCoRaHS you also learn firsthand about your own local weather patterns.

As we all know, rainfall patterns can be quite variable. It may rain hard at one location and be completely dry only a few miles away. With more data coming from many locations, scientists can develop better precipitation maps and over the long term, better forecasting. Read More

Diggin’ in the Dirt: The Kindest Cuts

Oregon State University Extension Service 

Columbia County

Planting forests, big or small (and Small Woodlands Assn. tree sale)

Many landowners in Columbia County have a mix of forest and open ground. Often, there are small areas that need to be reforested. There are several ways to acquire the appropriate trees. You can order them from any of several nurseries. Generally, you have to order in bundles of 50-100 seedlings. Call us for contact information for these nurseries.

The Columbia County Small Woodlands Association has an annual tree sale in St. Helens. You can purchase a variety of trees in very small quantities. The sale this year will be on March 9th  at the Lawrence Oil parking lot (845 N. Columbia River Highway) in St. Helens from 8:00 am- 2:00 pm. They sell forest tree seedlings, some native shrubs, and some ornamental tree seedlings. Get there early for the best selection. Read More

Diggin’ in the Dirt: Why Do We Graft Apples?

Grafting workshop in February
The OSU Extension office in St. Helens will be hosting a grafting workshop on February 16th from 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Participants will be taught how to graft apple scions on to dwarf apple rootstocks. Each participant will receive 5 rootstocks to work with and supplies to secure the graft. Scion varieties will be available or participants can bring their own varieties they wish to graft. Cost of the workshop is $15. The class is limited to 20 people so early registration will assure a place. To register or for more information, call the Extension office at 503 397-3462.

Why do we graft apples (and other plants)?
New varieties of fruit trees or ornamental woody plants come about from several sources. A farmer or plant breeder might do a controlled cross, moving pollen from the flower of one variety to the female parts of the flower of another variety. This work is done both commercially and in universities to develop new plant types. On the other hand, many varieties arise from chance crossings that get noticed once the seedling matures and shows unique qualities. Sometimes, trees produce spontaneous mutations that might affect only one limb and have desirable characteristics like nicer fruit or disease resistance on that limb only. Read More