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Better Parenting: Free and Fun Things to do With Your Kids This Summer

We can have family fun without leaving Vernonia, our houses or our back yards. This article is similar to the one printed last June. It was written to help parents create fond memories for kids without spending lots of money! We can show our kids and grandkids we care by taking the time to do special activities with them.

1.  Sleepover movie night.  Move your mattresses in the living room for a fun family sleepover night. The kids will love mom and dad joining the fun. Make popcorn, and watch a funny movie. Or better yet, watch family movies.

2.  Backwards day.  Reverse everything to create your own backwards day. Have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast; put your clothes on backwards, watch a movie first thing in the morning and cartoons in the evening. Have the kids help with the planning and enjoy the ideas they come up with.  Read More