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An Opinion: It Does Take a Village

Another Jamboree has come and gone in Vernonia, and hopefully all of you enjoyed a weekend of fun, festivities and friendship.

Many of you may be surprised to learn that the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show doesn’t just happen spontaneously and on its own.  It takes a lot of work and planning.  It also takes money.  And it especially takes a lot of volunteers.  In fact, it almost takes the entire town to make this weekend come together and happen.

And “come together” is the key phrase here.  Because that’s what has to happen if we are going to host a successful Jamboree weekend.  What we see every year at Jamboree time is our community working together in the name of friendship and pride.  Numerous groups and individuals band together, invite visitors and old friends to return and enjoy our hospitality and then put on a three day celebration for everyone to enjoy.

It’s because so many people give selflessly that Jamboree and the Logging Show happen each year. Read More