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Living on a Lake: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Attending the Inspection, Valuable Lessons

I always attend my home inspections. There’s a fountain of information in those! I’ve had inspectors say, “Well, all the agents do is sit in their cars and talk on the phone”–not me! Not only do I want to be shown what’s wrong, but learn from an expert so that I can be better informed for the next client!

I have learned about carpenter ants, venting issues, electrical mishaps, flashing, dry rot, and much much more. It offers me the chance to better understand our area, so when I’m taking a buyer out to look at property and they happen to see a small dead critter on the floor (aka carpenter ant, but NEVER a termite!) I can explain it away and ease their worries….for heaven’s sake, we live in the WOODS with trees surrounding us! I can also recommend seasonal pest exterminators. I had a recent buyer swear he saw a termite, but I stood my ground, because I’ve been going to inspections for seven and a half years now and we just don’t HAVE termites out in our neck of the woods. Wood boring beetles, maybe, but not a termite in sight!  Read More