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Voices From The Crowd: Just Another Day in the Life of a Timber Faller

I was working for Don Hood back in the early 80’s.  We were on a job off of Keasey Road where we were thinning a fifty year old Douglas Fir stand that had big old growth cedar snags scattered throughout.

One morning my boss led me up to the biggest snag on the claim.  It was situated just below the top of a deep canyon.  There was a skid road pushed to within 100 feet of the snag’s base.  The boss asked me if I thought I could wedge it uphill onto the skid road.

I looked it over pretty carefully, walked around the snag a couple of times, judged it to have only a slight downhill lean and told him I thought I could. Read More

The Good Old Days

Museum News

The Board of the Vernonia Pioneer Museum Association (VPMA) elected officers for 2013 at its January meeting:  President, Jay Anderson; Vice President, Ralph Keasey; Secretary, Barbara Larsen; Treasurer, Tobie Finzel.   The board bid a fond farewell to Carol Davis who has ably led VPMA for the last seven years but resigned to pursue other interests.  Jay Anderson has volunteered in a number of ways during this past year, and he was warmly welcomed to the board.

There is a new structure on the museum grounds.  After the collapse of the former outdoor display shed during a heavy snow in 2010, the museum board applied to the Columbia County Cultural Coalition for a grant to help replace that structure.  This spring the area under the roof will be graveled and several of items will be moved there with explanatory placards added to describe how they were used. Read More