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Loggerbots Complete Another Successful Season

Robotics2014-webThe Vernonia Loggerbots completed their 2014 season on April 10-12  at the FIRST Robotics  Regional Competition at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland

The team was in 19th place out of sixty-three teams at the end of regular competition with a 7-5 record.  Unfortunately the Loggerbots were not one of the additional sixteen teams chosen by the top eight finishers to be part of an alliance and continue on into the elimination rounds.  The Loggerbots finished the weekend in 38th place.

The Loggerbots had previously competed in two District Competitions.  At the Oregon City District Event the Loggerbots finished sixteenth out of thirty-five teams.  At the Oregon State University event the Loggerbots finished fifteenth out of thirty teams.

The Loggerbots compete against teams from all size schools in the Pacific Northwest Region.  At the end of the season, with points combined from all three events the Loggerbots participated in, the team was ranked 47th overall out of 153 teams.

This is the third year the Loggerbots have competed in the FIRST Robotics competition.  The team is made up of Vernonia High School and Middle School students under the direction of Eric Urban.  A team of community members and parents act as mentors for the team,  helping the students learn about fabrication, mechanics, computer programing and other skills.