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Loggerbots Take Second at Robotics Regionals


Left to right:  Conner Larke, Benjamin Skanes, formerRobotics instructor James Brookins, Nick Rainbolt and Jeffrey Goodman.

Left to right: Conner Larke, Benjamin Skanes, formerRobotics instructor James Brookins, Nick Rainbolt and Jeffrey Goodman.

The Vernonia Loggerbots advanced all the way to the finals at the Oregon FIRST Robotics District competition March 26-28, and ended up second place overall.

The Loggerbots competed against thirty-two teams overall, including teams from Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Corvallis, Ashland, Vancouver, Grants Pass, and Klamath Falls.  Also at the competition was the team from Blachly, OR where former Vernonia instructor James Brookins is now Superintendent.  Brookins was instrumental in originally forming the Vernonia Robotics program.

At the end of the opening rounds of competition the Loggerbots were ranked 20th but were selected by one of the top six teams to be part of an alliance that advanced and won in the  quarterfinals and semifinals.

Loggerbots Compete in District Event

Loggerbots Kaitlyn Eyrrick and Megan Ely

Loggerbots Kaitlyn Eyrrick and Megan Ely

The Vernonia Loggerbots competed in the FIRST Robotics District competition on March 7-8 in Oregon City, finishing 16th out of 35 teams. The team was selected to join an alliance  with one of the top eight teams and competed in the quarterfinals,  where they were eliminated.

The Loggerbots are scheduled to compete in their second District event beginning April 4-5, in Corvallis at Oregon City.

The top 65 teams, after all teams have competed in two District events, out of over 200 teams in the Northwest Region,  advance to compete in the District Championship at the Memorial Coliseum April 10-12.  The Loggerbots are currently ranked 82.

Team mentor Jeff Ely explained that this year the robot the teams were assigned to build was especially difficult and that the Loggerbots experienced numerous problems during both days of their first competition. “Having problems is part of the experience and part of the fun,” said Ely.  “We had mechanical problems, electrical problems, programing problems.” Read More

Loggerbots Host Open House

LoggerbotsAssembly-webThe Vernonia Loggerbots hosted an Open House on February 15th.  The Loggerbots are preparing to compete for the third year in the FIRST Robotics regional competition.  Last year the Vernonia team finished a very surprising 3rd out of 59 teams.  The Loggerbots invited the community to see their newest creation as they were putting on the final touches, as well as their robots from the past two years.  They also demonstrated their newest acquisition, a  3D printer.  They showed video of their team from the competition last year, as well as  a video that showed this year’s challenge.  Team member Kaitlyn Eyrrick acted as MC and directed visitors to different areas of interest as well as narrating the video.  Other members of the team demonstrated the older robots, were available to answer questions and worked with project mentors as they assembled and tested their newest robot.

Kaitlin Eyrrick

Kaitlin Eyrrick


3D Printer

3D Printer

Vernonia Loggerbots Get Ready to Rumble

Loggerbots-webThe Vernonia High School Loggerbots are getting ready to compete in the 2014 FIRST Robotics competition.

As they prepare for a new challenge this year, the Loggerbots are planning to host an Open House on Saturday, February 15 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM in the Vernonia School, Room 143 to preview their robot for their supporters and the rest of the community.  Anyone interested in learning more about the FIRST Robotics competitions, the VHS Loggerbots team, or about becoming a sponsor, is invited to attend.

Last year, in just their second year of competing, the Loggerbots surprised almost everyone when they finished third in a field of fifty-nine teams at the Regional competition at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. Read More

Loggerbots Take 3rd Place at FIRST Robotics

The Vernonia High School Loggerbots finished in third place at the Oregon FIRST Robotics  competition on March 8 and 9, 2013 at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.

The Vernonia Loggerbots following their 3rd place finish at the Oregon FIRST Robotics regional competition.

The Loggerbots, in just their second year of competing, led the entire field of fifty-nine teams  after the first day of the regional competition.  After the end of the qualifying round on Saturday, the Loggerbots were in third place overall and had qualified for the elimination round.  The top four teams in the elimination round chose two partner teams and create and alliance with whom they compete together for the rest of the competition.

The Loggerbots chose West Valley High School from Spokane, WA and Corvallis High School to join their alliance.

The Loggerbots and their partner teams won their  best-of three quarterfinal, losing the first match 76-77, before rebounding in the second match 78-76 and forcing a decisive final match.  The Loggers and their  partners prevailed in the third match 92-63 and advanced to the final four and the semi finals.

The Loggerbots were eliminated in the semifinals, losing 59- 41 and 88-62.  The Loggerbots were awarded third place based on their overall point score of 214 points.

Vernonia Loggerbots in 1st Place After First Day of Competition

The Robot built by the VHS Loggerbots.

The Robot built by the VHS Loggerbots.

The Vernonia High School Loggerbots were in first place out of 59 teams after the first day  at the Oregon FIRST Robotics Competition.  The Loggerbots, team 4127,  had a record of 7-0 at the Memorial Coliseum after the competition ended Friday evening.  The Loggerbots were scheduled to start competing again at 9:45 AM on Saturday morning. is only the second year Vernonia High School has enter a robot in the competition.  Last year the team finished 59 out of 66 teams.

FIRST Robotics is an organized international program that encourages youth  to compete using knowledge based in science, technology,  engineering and mathematics.  Each year the teams are given a basic starter kit and a new set of tasks that will be worth points in the competition.  This year the teams were required to launch a frisbee through a small target and climb a pyramid.

The Loggerbots have received assistance from numerous local volunteer community mentors as well as sponsorship from local businesses.

Loggerbots Ready to Compete

Loggerbots Frisbee RobotThe Vernonia Loggerbots are putting the final touches on their robot as they prepare for the upcoming Oregon FIRST Robotics competition in early March.

The Vernonia team must build a robot that is capable of completing several tasks as part of the competition.  The main task is to have their robot throw a Frisbee through a target.

FIRST Robotics is an organized international program that encourages youth to compete using knowledge based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.”  FIRST Robotic Programs are available for students in grades K through 12.

Read More

Logger Bots Hard at Work

LoggerBotsThe Vernonia Logger Bots, the robotics team from VHS,  are hard at work preparing for their upcoming First Robotics competition in March.  The team has been meeting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and building their robot.  Their task this year, to build a robot that can throw a frisbee through a target.  This is the second year VHS has competed in the FIRST Robotics program.  Once again the team has a committed team of mentors who are assisting the students with the project.  The team is also looking for sponsors to help them fund the project. The team has a website designed and created by a team member; go to www.loggerbots.org to see more about the  current status of the project and what the team is working on.