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Voices From the Crowd: We Need to Support the Arts in Our Schools

Let me first start by saying that I know times are hard and money is scarce, but it’s not going to get better any time soon. Excuses can continue to be made, but it’s time to bring back the support for the arts in our community before they are cut all together.  Our community use to thrive on the Arts, from community theatrical Melodramas to outstanding artists.

Many of you know or remember me as the Art teacher in Vernonia from 1977 – 2004.   I was teaching there when the Arts were supported on every level from the School Board, superintendent, principals and community.  Darrel Proehl, superintendent at the time of my hiring, went out of his way to make sure that Vernonia had one of the strongest art programs in Oregon, if not the nation.  I will be tooting my own horn here a bit and may sound as if I’m bragging (which I am), but from 6th- 12th grades our program gave the student’s everything when it came to mediums in Art.   Read More