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Creature Comforts: My Dog Acts Like a Cow!

If your dog is only eating grass, you should consider yourself lucky. While it isn’t surprising that a dog can eat all kinds of vile, disgusting things, it may be surprising to learn why they do. To understand these behaviors, we need to go back thousands of years, long before dogs were domesticated, when they roamed the countryside in packs, hunting their food, as referenced from an article published out of American Animal Hospital Association: “Dogs and Grass Eating”

Wild dogs ate their food on the run. They hunted all kinds of animals, and ate the whole of the animal, except for things like the skin. They ate the major organs, the muscles and even the bones, all to get the nutrients they needed to be healthy and strong. They didn’t have the easy life of most dogs today. Most of the prey they subsisted on were herbivores. While a dog’s digestive system is strong, it does need vegetable matter to help digest meat proteins, especially those in the raw meat it was eating. They ate the vital organs first; the stomach and intestines of the animals they were eating were full of partially digested vegetable matter.

Even though their digestive processes remain the same, you need to carefully review what your dog is eating to ensure they are getting a well-balanced diet. Without a proper balance of nutrients, a dog will develop all kinds of health problems, just like their human masters. Read More

Decreasing Cat Overpopulation in Vernonia

Kim Tierney with an easy to make outdoor cat shelter.  Plans are available at the local hardware stores.

Kim Tierney with an easy to make outdoor cat shelter. Plans are available at the local hardware stores.

In July, Kim Tierney responded to an appeal from Angela Bettencourt to help a family with a large number of feral cats.  Tierney agreed to help trap and transport these feral and stray kitties to the Feral Cat Coalition Clinic in Portland.    At the Feral Cat Coalition clinic, cats and kittens are spay and neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas, given antibiotics and pain medicine.  They are transported back that same day and after they spend that night in the trap, are released back where they were trapped.

After Tierney learned about how Vernonia had a reputation for having large populations of feral and stray cats, she arranged with the Feral Cat Coalition to coordinate clinics for Vernonia cats.  There is no charge for this service, but the suggested donation per cat is $30 but any donation level is welcome.  Since July, Tierney with the help of many caregivers has taken in 132 cats and kittens.  An additional 60 are scheduled for the next month.    Since this effort began, many others in the community have stepped up to help by nursing and socializing kittens and trying to help find homes. Read More