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Unclaimed Capital Credit Allocations Explained

Recently West Oregon Electric Cooperative published a list of former WOEC members who have unclaimed capital credit allocation checks on our books.  These capital credits were earned by members between the years of 1944 to 1969, and the WOEC board of directors had authorized the payment of them and had checks issued in 1999 and 2000.  The unclaimed checks are ones that were either returned to WOEC due to incorrect mailing addresses or were just never cashed by the member. Other members during that time period who had updated their current mailing address with WOEC, or were current members in 1999 & 2000 received their checks and have already been paid the capital credits from 1944 to 1969.

The Unclaimed Capital Credit list may be found on our website, www.westoregon.org, just click on the box with the notice in the lower left hand corner of the home page.  For some of our newer members and a refresher for long time members, we have put together this question and answer sheet to explain WOEC capital credits:

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