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An Unlikely Culinary Column: Fresh Blackberry Deliciousness

Culinary-Blackberry-webMy first year of picking fresh berries has been an adventure in harvesting and cooking. Blackberries proved to be equally as rewarding. I am not going to complain about my stained fingers and scraped hands and legs. Those luscious berries filled with healthy antioxidants are simply delicious and I would like to have as many stored in my freezer as I can, for all kinds of delicious treats. 

Blintzes are one of those decadent dishes that I have only ever eaten at a restaurant. They are rich in flavor and just eating one is fully satisfying. After I made the crepes recipe….twice, I was encouraged to try Blintzes, it was my gateway recipe to attempting to make this delicate crepe filled with ricotta and topped with the most delicious syrup I have ever made. There is no hiding the calorie and sugar content, not to mention the effort that is needed to make this dish. I would suggest you try this recipe; it is great for any special occasion. Blintzes are not difficult by any means but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that it takes a bit of effort.  Read More