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Better Parenting: Bedtime Do’s and Don’ts for Kids and Parents

It is inevitable that every parent will engage in their own fair share of bedtime battles. So let’s explore suggestions for some DO’s and DON’T’s for your infants, toddlers or preschool kids that might help lessen the conflicts.


DON’T wait too long to begin routines; it is much better to set your baby up for successful sleep from the very beginning than to introduce new sleep habits to a stubborn toddler.

DO start placing your infant in the crib when your infant is awake but drowsy so he learns to fall asleep on his own.


DON’T have a strict schedule. You can’t know for sure in the early months what the best bedtime is for your baby. Many times they regulate their own sleep schedules.

DO give your baby clues such as a bedtime bath and lullaby that it is time to go to sleep.

DO try to follow the same routine before sleep. This regularity will build a sense of security and predictability that will help your infant – and then as a growing toddler have good sleep habits.

DO help a fussy infant to sleep simply by stroking the baby’s back for a while. Read More