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Wauna Credit Union 48th Annual Meeting Report

Members and staff of Wauna Credit Union gathered March 10th at the Warrenton Community Center to celebrate the 48th Annual Meeting of the Credit Union. Robert Blumberg, CEO and President, and George Dunkel, Chair of the Board of Directors, addressed the membership.

Blumberg reported the following statistics as of December 31, 2014: Total Assets grew by 5.9% to $170,833,145, Total Deposits increased by 6.5% to $153,426,320, Total Loans increased 4.2% to $128,857,391, Capital Ratio remained strong at 8.76% of Total Assets, and Total Membership increased by 8.2% to 20,200.

Dunkel announced results of the elections for the Board of Directors: The two incumbents, Christine Johnston (Scappoose) and Jennifer Teeter (Astoria) were reelected to three-year terms, as was newly elected to the Board, Robert Perry (Vernonia). Board officers have been announced: Marti Gwin (Clatskanie) was named Board Chair, Bill DeJager (Birkenfeld) was named 1st Vice Chair, Lester Kahr (Clatskanie) was named 2nd Vice Chair, Jennifer Teeter was named Financial Officer, and Christine Johnston was named Secretary. Other members of the Board include Erlene Darby (Clatskanie), George Dunkel (Scappoose), Amanda Lamb (Astoria) and Robert Perry. Debra Huffman, who chose not to run for reelection, was recognized during the Meeting for her service to the Board of Directors from 2008-2015.

The Wauna Credit Union 2014 Annual Report is available on the Credit Union website or at any branch. For more information please call toll-free 800-773-3236 or visit our Web site at waunafcu.org.

WOEC Holds Annual Meeting

The Vernonia Scout Cabin was filled to capacity once again for the 2014 West Oregon Electric Cooperative  Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 16th.

Board President Robert Van Natta opened the meeting by introducing the rest of the Board members as well as employees and other special guests in the audience, including State Representative Brad Witt.

Jim Buxton was elected as Board Director for District 3 representing Keasey Road and parts of Vernonia, defeating Sally Harrison.  Larry Averitt ran unopposed and was elected as the Director for District 7 representing Manning, Hagg Lake, and Yamhill County.

During his report, Board President Van Natta noted that it has been a  year of change for WOEC, with the resignation of General Manager Marc Farmer and assistant Sarah Rossi and the retirement of Operations Director Steve Scott, along with the hiring of Bob Perry, Angela Hadley and Don Rose to fill those spots.  Van Natta also noted that three Directors on the Board have left since last year and thanked David Hess, Dixie London and Marty Van Dyken for their service.  Van Natta explained that Averitt, Buxton and Rosemary Lohrke had been appointed as replacements.  Van Natta also passed on some bad news, informing the members that Bonneville Power Administration had discovered a broken meter and sent WOEC a bill for $200,000 for power used that had not been billed during the last two years.  Van Natta did share some good news, telling the membership that due to the rate increase last year, the co-op’s cash flow  problem is under control and that members should not see any rate increases in 2014. Read More

UNWC to Hold Annual Meeting

unwcThe Upper Nehalem Watershed Council will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, May 17, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Vernonia Grange, 375 North Street in Vernonia.

The UNWC Council is a community-wide group established in 1997 to restore and preserve the Upper Nehalem Watershed.   Anyone from the local area who attends the Annual Meeting is considered a member and is entitled to vote on matters presented at that meeting.  Lunch will be served.

The UNWC Board of Directors invites anyone interested in the health of the Upper Nehalem watershed to attend the meeting.    The agenda includes a review and discussion of the UNWC’s mission, vision, and watershed priorities over the next three years.  This discussion will include information on the health of the watershed, which areas of the watershed have been the target of recent projects, and where the UNWC needs to focus our limited funding in the future.

Council members will also vote on proposed amendments to the bylaws and financial policies.  Most of the proposed amendments are required by the UNWC’s primary funder, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB).  Proposed revisions to the financial policies include a new policy on contracted services.

The Council will also vote in new members of the Board of Directors.

For more information or a copy of the proposed bylaws and financial policies, contact Maggie Peyton, Executive Director, at 503-429-0869 or maggie@nehalem.org.

WOEC Current: 2013 Annual Meeting Report

The sixty-ninth annual meeting of the West Oregon Electric Cooperative Members was held Saturday, August 17th at the Scout Cabin in Vernonia.  There were 88 members and guests in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by Board President Robert VanNatta.  General Manager Marc Farmer introduced the Board of Directors in attendance; Robert VanNatta, Dist #2 Mist, Apiary, Birkenfeld; Marty Van Dyken, Dist #3 Vernonia, Keasey; Dan Murphy, Dist #4 Vernonia; Bob Paleck, Dist #5 Timber, Buxton; Dixie London, Dist #6 Chapman, North Plains. Director Brian Baker, Dist #1 Elsie, Jewell, Hamlet, had a family emergency and was unable to attend.  After nineteen years of dedicated service, Director David Hess from Dist #7, Yamhill County, Manning, Hagg Lake, had resigned at the July board meeting due to selling his home and moving outside of WOEC territory. Robert France had been appointed by the board to fill the District #7 vacancy at the July board meeting, but we are sorry to have to report that Mr. France passed away on August 15th.  Please keep the France family in your thoughts and prayers.

General Manager Marc Farmer introduced the employees and special guests. Farmer recognized Darlene McLeod who had retired this spring after 29 years of dedicated service to WOEC.  He also announced that Steve Scott, Engineering and Operations Manager and Gunny Cox, System Maintenance Coordinator would both be retiring at the beginning of 2014. All together we will be losing over 100 years of utility experience within a year’s time.  They will all be missed.

The minutes from the 2012 annual meeting were approved and the recent new members to be voted in were also approved.  Our co-op attorney, Chuck Fadeley, was appointed parliamentarian by President VanNatta, and Mr. Fadeley presided over the director election portion of the meeting. Chuck opened the floor for nominations and Heather Johansen was nominated as a candidate for Dist #5 director position. The other candidates who had been previously nominated at the district nomination meetings were; Robert VanNatta for Dist #2 and R.H. “Bob” Paleck for Dist #5.  The candidates were given the floor to address the membership. Our guest speaker, Richelle Beck, from NW River Partners gave an informative and interactive presentation about our clean, renewable hydropower and the importance of the dams in the river system. Management reports were given, and the official annual report can be found in the August 2013 edition of our Ruralite magazine. (Please make sure to read pages 4, 5, 8, 25, and the back page of the Ruralite each month, as it is our official newsletter for our members and you will find helpful information there.)  President VanNatta reported that we did not make our bank tests (TIER) for 2012 due to the January snow storm costs, and we must make TIER this year.  Luckily we had a mild winter to start 2013 and we hope that the weather will hold through December. He also reported that we would have a rate increase this fall due to a rate increase from BPA and that we need to build up a reserve account to cover storm costs when necessary.  David Western, Manager of Finance & Administration, gave the financial report.  He provided a handout of WOEC’s current financials through June 2013 (credit hunter).  Western reminded the members that even though the 2012 January snow storm was declared a FEMA event and we received some money to help with those expenses, it was only declared in one of the five counties we serve.  The amount we received in costs reimbursement was a small percentage of the overall costs of the storm. Western explained that WOEC continues to watch spending and staying on a tight budget. We also received a clean audit report for 2012, and have so for at least the last 10 years.

Steve Scott, Engineering and Operations Manager, gave the operations report.  He explained that this year has one of the lowest number of outage hours due to the mild weather, and increased tree trimming and maintenance.  The new Vernonia Substation that serves Vernonia and the surrounding area has been working well since it was energized in late 2012.  Scott also reported that WOEC had to lay off our Groundman due to budget cuts and changes in the Lineman Apprenticeship program.

General Manager Marc Farmer gave his Manager’s report.  He explained that WOEC has been through 4 FEMA storm events in the last 5 ½ years and no other Oregon Co-op has experienced more than 1 in the last 10 years. Even with the 75% reimbursement of storm costs in disaster declared counties, we have still paid over $1.5 million in WOEC members’ money for the storm costs.  WOEC has spent $13 million on the 3 largest projects in WOEC history: the Timber Elsie Transmission line rebuild/underground, building a new headquarters building out of the flood plain, and building the new Vernonia Substation out of the flood plain.

Farmer used Clatskanie PUD (CPUD) as an example of the reasons that WOEC has high rates and CPUD has low rates.  CPUD has a service territory of 257 square miles of mostly town and paved roads, WOEC has 1224 square miles of mountains, trees, gravel roads, and areas that you have to hike into and can’t even get a utility truck close to.  CPUD has around 4600 meters and WOEC has around 4300 meters, but CPUD has an annual revenue of 42 million where as WOEC only has revenue of 9 million.  The difference is one very large industrial customer that CPUD has that keeps rates low for the residential customers.

Farmer answered a member question about a rumor they had heard that WOEC was going to double the base charge and rates.  He explained that we would be having a rate increase, but it would be an overall increase of somewhere between 10 – 15% and the staff was still working on the scenarios to present to the board.  The increase would be a combination of the base charge and kWh charge.

There will be a member meeting on September 17th at 6:00 PM at the WOEC board room regarding the rate change.

The election results were read by Chuck Fadeley; Robert VanNatta, Dist #2 and Bob Paleck, Dist #5 were both re-elected.

Door prizes were given out and everyone enjoyed a nice BBQ lunch.

Announcement: Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Annual Meeting

UNWC LogoUpper Nehalem Watershed Council Annual Meeting

When:  10:00 AM-2:00 PM – Saturday – May 18th   

Where:  Vernonia Grange Hall - 375 North St. – Vernonia, OR

UNWC Mission:  To foster stewardship and understanding of the natural resources of the Upper Nehalem Watershed among the stakeholders of the watershed communities in order to protect, conserve, restore and sustain the health and functions of the watershed.

UNWC VISION:  A balanced ecosystem that supports a healthy watershed that provides for an economic base and viable watershed communities. Read More

Wauna FCU Annual Meeting Report

On May 16, 2013 Wauna Federal Credit Union held their 46th Annual Meeting at the Vernonia Schools building, hosted by staff members from the Vernonia branch. The meeting was open to all members and was well attended with 115 members present.

The meeting was preceded by an informal reception with light snacks and cake.

Board of Directors Chairman George Dunkel opened the meeting by welcoming the members and introducing the rest of the Board and all Committee Members.

Board Chair Dunkel  told the membership that Wauna FCU will introduce electronic balloting next year for the Board of Directors Elections. Next he introduced the 2013 Slate of Candidates for Board of Directors which included himself, Erlene Darby and Don McDaniel.  All three already serve on the Board and were running unopposed.  A motion was made and the membership voted to accept the Slate of Candidates as Board members. Read More

Wauna Annual Meeting to be Held in Vernonia

Wauna Federal Credit Union will hold their 46th Annual Meeting in Vernonia on Saturday March 16, 2013.  The meeting will be held in the Vernonia Schools Commons, 1001 Missouri Avenue.  Free tickets are available at any Wauna branch.

The meeting begins at 2:00 PM with a Social.  Light refreshments will be served.  The business meeting begins at 3:00 PM.  There will be over $2,000 in door prizes given away along with a commemorative gift.  The meeting is open to all Wauna Federal Credit Union members.

Wauna Federal Credit Union has over $150 million in total assets and exceeds 16,000 members, including 2,000 in Vernonia.