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On the Shelves: What’s Happening at the Vernonia Library

Changes Abound at the Vernonia Public Library

In this day and age libraries run operations using an automation system. Small libraries often find it difficult to purchase an automation system as they can be quite expensive. Here in Vernonia we have been very fortunate that an automation system was sought out and acquired in 2000. This has worked well for many years. Now, 13 years later, this system is no longer supported by the manufacturer and lacks the ability to upgrade any further. Time has become critical for replacement. Fortunately, on April 17th The Collins Foundation awarded over $5,700 to The Vernonia Public Library to replace the 13 year old system with a new web based program called Apollo by Biblionix. Some of the highlighted features:

  • The Vernonia Public Library catalog can be viewed in real time from any computer or touch screen device.
  • Patrons can reserve books, make book requests, identify favorite authors (patrons can be notified when a favorite author has a new book!), leave book reviews, and much more!
  • Patrons can receive a text or e-mail reminder 3 days BEFORE items are due.

In addition to replacing the old automation system the grant award will cover costs for replacement hardware, a receipt printer and staff training. Read More