Natural Health and Wellness with Dr. Carol McIntyre

Natural Path to Health: My Practice

I hope you have been enjoying this AMAZING weather we have been having! There is a big harvest this year. I have been trying to balance my preservation techniques with spending time outside. Rain will come soon and I want to soak up the sun!

There are some reminders I would like to share in regards to my practice. These are mostly just informative. I would like to try and answer some common questions people have and give basic information to people who have not yet visited the office.

What I do: I am a Naturopathic physician and a licensed Acupuncturist with a Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine, a Masters in Oriental medicine and a Bachelors in psychology with minor in sociology.
I am recognized as a PCP (primary care physician) in the state of Oregon and have applied with Columbia County CCO to be recognized as such. If the paperwork is approved that will mean that you can choose to be assigned to me and I will act as your PCP.
I practice spinal manipulation, nutrition, Chinese and Western herbs, Essential oils, homeopathy, acupuncture, well-child check-ups, physical exams, DOT physicals, body work and musculoskeletal techniques including use of TENS and US application. I also have a DEA license to prescribe prescription drugs.  Read More

Natural Path to Health: Winter Fun!

I hope you all enjoyed our recent snow storm. We all did. I was so glad our kids got to experience the snow in their own back yard. There was much sledding and fun in the snow. I even dug out a snow cave for the kids- a blast from my past as a young girl in NY on my grandparent’s farm. Wonderful memories…

Keep yourselves warm and healthy. The flu has been very prevalent this year so support yourself with herbal teas that enhance your immune system and fight pathogens. REST is always the best medicine. When in doubt- remember the warming socks! If you don’t know about this simply amazing treatment ask around or stop into the office for a hand out with details.

New and exciting developments happening include:

•  Group acupuncture (coming soon in March) at the office~ I just have to find the perfect comfy chairs… any suggestions give me a call. Thanks!

•  Qigong classes: At the Senior Center every Friday morning from 9-9:30 AM starting February 14th. This class is free for anyone over 55 years old thanks to a grant obtained by the senior center. Others are welcome to join the class for my regular fee of $7 drop in or $20/month. Come check it out and bring a friend. Read More

Natural Path to Health-Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! 

I do hope the New Year is treating you well so far.  Chinese New Year will begin January 31, 2014. This year is the Year of the Wood Horse. Wood represents change and growth, while the horse represents strength, respect and heart. The year of the wood horse will be one of great transition and power. Respect and strength plus change and growth will make this a most abundant and transformative year!

There are many new changes happening at the office this year as well. I have rearranged the office and made room for a group acupuncture space and alternative meditation space upstairs. Shiatsu massage is now being offered at the office. Missy is there on Mondays by appointment and we hope to add an additional day very soon.  Ask your neighbors… this type of massage is so amazing! You will love it.

I will be putting together a protocol for addiction treatment. This protocol will include weekly or biweekly group acupuncture with application of specific essential oils and supplements. It will not be an overwhelming protocol and will be easy to follow. There will be a package price for this service and I expect to have it all put together by the end of February. Groups will start in March. Please call the office if you are interested in signing up. Space in group session will be limited to 4 people/session, so it would be great to get an idea of the number of people interested so I know how many different groups I need to have each week. Providing group sessions allows for better pricing and makes things more affordable for everyone.  Read More

Natural Path to Health-Happy Autumn

Hello all. I hope you are enjoying the Autumn season so far. The rains we’ve had can sometimes make it difficult… but we need the rain to compensate for such a dry summer and supply our gardens with moisture and nutrition. Remember to harvest appropriately so you can make the most of your crops and reap the rewards of your hard work from the summer. At NPHS we are gearing up for the preparation of our working garden.

As soon as the weather permits we will be tilling the soil for the new garden spot. I have decided to start with a smaller section and expand from there after seeing the rate of patient participation. Thank you to Scott Laird for donating recycled newspapers as compost/covering for the garden space. Other donations are still needed and graciously accepted.  It is very exciting to get this project underway.

Many of you know that I have a new office manager. Michelle Burch is the acting office manager and I am very excited to have her as part of my team. She has a background as a medical assistant and some of you may know her from her work with Dr. Gardner in North Plains and/or her presence at Sentry market. Her experience and good work ethic is something that will serve the office well and she is already excelling in her tasks at the office. I am pleased with the transition and look forward to a long lasting relationship with her at the office. Dori has returned to Hawaii and is doing well. She sends her blessings to all of you here and is grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you all while working for me during her recent stay in Oregon. Read More

Natural Path to Health: Gardening Time

Hello all. I am very excited to tell you of my future plans. As you may know, there is a lovely back yard space at the office. It is here that I plan to plant a patient co-op garden with herbs, vegetables, sitting areas and meditation space. The garden will be available for my patients to enjoy and I hope it will be a source of healing for many. My hopes are that this can be created using all donated materials and volunteer time to keep the cost as low as possible.

Here’s how it will work; or how I envision it working… First of all, we need to get the space prepared. I plan to till the soil this fall and cover the planting area. The space is very large and it will take a lot to cover all of it. Material to cover the space will be needed including black plastic, black gardening cover, cardboard, newspaper etc.

Any and all donations will be accepted. Things that will be needed are: covering and layering materials as mentioned above, compost, path way bricks/stone/chips, wood for raised beds, benches for sitting areas, tools, drip hoses etc. We will also need materials for fencing; as we all know… we have very hungry deer in the area. There is space to store such materials at my office.

The most important thing we will need… SEEDS!!! I know we have many avid gardeners in the area and many of you save your seeds. Please donate to this wonderful cause if you have extra. There will be NO GMO seeds used in the garden.

This may seem like a big undertaking and it is. My vision is to have a space where patient’s can learn about gardening, enjoy sacred space and work the soil for a return of fresh healthy food! After getting everything established we will determine how many hours per week or month an individual would have to volunteer in order to have a bag full of fresh food to take home.

There are many other farms/gardens that do this type of thing. I am doing this for my patients as a way to become more connected with the plants and wholesome food. Many people have a very small space and cannot grow what they would like. We are all striving for better health and this is one way we can work collectively to achieve it.

Details will continue to be worked out and the vision will develop. I can already see it in my mind so I am confident it will manifest. Please email me at if you are interested. We will collaborate sometime in the late fall to discuss Spring plans. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!

On another note~ I am looking for a new office manager. Only serious applicants should apply. This person should have a basic knowledge of Naturopathic and/or Chinese medicine and a healthy outlook on life. I am looking for someone who wants a long term position, as I do not plan on moving my practice and I would like to find that special person who will grow with me and my practice. Patient relations are critical; this is a very small town and it is important to me that my patients’ trust my staff and enjoy their presence in my clinic. Tasks are: answering phones, patient scheduling, running errands, cleaning, maintaining daily cash flow, faxing/communicating medical records and associated materials, watering plants, maintaining medicinary inventory and entering invoices into my software system, communicating with insurance companies and keeping a smile through it all.  Please drop a resume at the office if you are interested or spread the word to people you may know. I appreciate it!

Continue to have a wonderful summer! I am looking forward to hearing from you in regards to the garden. Let’s develop the space into a physically stunning place of healing beauty. Thank you~ Be Well.

Natural Path to Health: Five Element Theory- Metal

Today we visit Metal. The element of Metal is associated with the lung and large intestine. It is related to Refinement; Structure; Firmness; Maturity; Essence; Reflection. When thinking of Metal, imagine the Earth building up to create a mountain after the Wood has been burned by Fire. Metal is thought to be grown in the Earth for this reason and is represented by the color gold (or shiny elements in general that are found in the earth). Think of the reflection of the mountain in the lake. The majestic statement the mountain makes with its defined ridges and white snow capped peak.

The color of Metal is White. In Qigong, I often focus on the breath using imagery of bringing in the pure white/crystalline breath and pushing out all the old stagnation~ replacing it with a renewed healing bright white light. Its flavor is pungent, like that of ginger root. Read More

Natural Path to Health-Chinese Five Element Theory: Part Four, Earth

By Dr. Carol McIntyre


As promised, this month we will discuss the properties associated with the Earth element. The spleen and stomach are known as the Earth elements. Many of you hear me talk about these organ systems often. I’m sure almost every one of you has heard me say, “Your liver is beating up on your spleen,” at least once.

Earth is the center. Its color is yellow (like that of the earth in China). It represents BALANCE, stability, nourishment, fullness, physical structure (flesh and muscle layers), containment, and security. Mother is honored here in the Earth element as well as feeding. Blood is also represented here.

The taste of the Earth is bland/sweet. Sweetness here refers to things that are naturally sweet such as cucumbers. It does not refer to things like candy and soda pop.

Earth provides the proper soil so that you can grow and cultivate things. It is important to always have a good foundation from which to grow. As we prepare our soil this spring in our gardens, please think about the soil that we need for our own bodies~ proper digestion is essential for any other bodily process to function properly. What you put in is what produces the energy for your physical growth! Any of you gardeners out there know that poor soil does not produce the best crop.

Think of it as the Earth being the balancing point, representing the post-natal energy (things we put in). It provides the soil for things to grow toward the Heavens. This represents the transition from Earth to Heaven. It also represents the transition of foods you put into your body that become Energy. Metabolism will process your foods into energy for your body or Qi. Finding the balance here will bring satisfaction and dismiss the desire for yearning.  Read More

Natural Path to Health ~ Chinese Five Element Theory: Part Three, Fire

Last time we talked about the element of Wood. Today we will discuss fire. In 5 element theory, Wood is the beginning of the cycle which leads to Fire, then Earth, Metal and finally Water. You can think of this as the Wood starting as the base. Adding Fire to the wood creates ash which leads to the formation of Earth. Increased formation of Earth will build up and eventually create a Mountain/Rock/Metal. Water flows down from the mountain top to facilitate the growth of more Wood and the cycle continues.

The element of Fire is associated with the color red. Passion, joy, laughter, loquacity and anxiety are the emotions surrounding Fire. It is directly associated with the spirit which also includes enlightenment and the ability to connect with something beyond your personal self. The Heart and Small intestine are the fire organs. Summer is the season of Fire; July and August- the height of summer season (in most areas anyway). The direction is South. Its taste is bitter.  Read More

Natural Path to Health: Chinese Five Element Theory, Part Two-Wood

In this article we will visit the Wood element in detail. I do hope this is helping to stimulate your interest in Chinese medicine. Ask more questions, make more connections and learn more about yourself and how this medicine can serve you.

Wood: Wood is related to the Liver and Gallbladder. It represents Spring. The beginning. New. Movement. Initiative. Decision making (this is specifically related to the Gallbladder). It is symbolized by bamboo because it grows so quickly, sometimes a number of feet over night. The emotions related are all- but specifically anger and depression. Any physical manifestation of imbalance would be that of stagnation and explosive movement including arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and depression. A quote from the classics relating to this element is: “The softest and the hardest”; represented by the living wood (softness, living, sap wood). Sour is the taste. Harmony is the desired outcome. Desire to be straight and spreading. Its color is green/blue.  Read More

Natural Path to Health: Our New Office Space!

I am happy to announce that I am moving into a larger office space here in town! The new address is: 758 Weed Ave. My new office will be located in the blue house on the one way section of Weed Ave across from the City Hall building and the library, next to the new veterinary clinic.

This new space will offer… well, MORE SPACE! A large waiting area where I will incorporate a children’s’ space as well as some therapeutics including a personal infrared sauna and inversion table are just some of the new features. There will be two treatment rooms total, one upstairs and one downstairs. This will allow me to accommodate more patient load in a more private setting.

Read More