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Useful techniques and secrets that will help to prepare for exams:

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Use knowledge of psychology on the influence of color on humans. In the process of exam preparation it is advisable to surround yourself with objects yellow and purple. Yellow promotes memory, while purple stimulates intellectual abilities and mental activity.

Another method that you can use before the exam: you need to … pull themselves by the hair located on the back of the head (taking the hair in her hands, slowly and gently pulling them upwards). Or, at least, to massage the head area. The result stimulated a large number of located active points. This simple technique helps to significantly increase the uptake.

Also, use of the ability of aromatherapy. Natural essential scents normalize the mental state of the person, balances the processes occurring in the body. Activation of mental activity, attention span, concentration, contribute to the aromas of lemon, lavender, rosemary, geranium, orange. To relieve nervous tension and excitement helps to blend essential oils for aroma lamps, consisting of four drops of geranium, and three drops lavender, two drops of juniper and one drop of thyme. Also soothing properties are: geranium, Jasmine and Melissa. To help relax the flavors of Basil, lavender, lemon balm, orange blossom, rose, sandalwood, cedar. To remove overall stress from overwork help the following blend: lavender – 4 drops orange – 3 drops geranium – 2 drops rosemary – 1 drop.

Laughter can also be “hit” by stress. Malaysian scientists have found that laughter not only prolongs life but relieves stress, increases appetite and efficiency, normalizes sleep. For nine days, 30 students passed the course of studying before exams. These classes include training in special breathing techniques that mimic human laughter. During the training the volunteers laughed for a few hours a day. In the end I passed the exams all without problems. And wasn’t nervous. According to students, they are physically felt much better than usual. Laughter is also a great tool against fear. So never forget the sense of humour — may it never leave You and during the exam.

If You are still worried — go to the psychologist, he will teach You the techniques of relaxation and self-regulation, and will also help to understand possible cause of your anxiety much deeper than it seems initially. To schedule a consultation on our website. Just send us a request and we’ll call you back.

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