Things To Ponder: The Promise of Eternal Life

Can you remember looking up at your father and thinking he was a giant?  My dad wasn’t that tall, but when I was kid he sure seemed big to me.  While I was growing up all I could think about was getting older and gaining more freedom.  When I was in the 3rd grade I used to walk by Willard Junior High school in Santa Ana, California and dream about being one of those older kids.  Time has flown by and now I’m almost seventy years old.  I’ll have to admit being older is no longer my goal. 

Somehow it seems like all the things I thought getting older would bring haven’t materialized. I anticipated liberty from parental mandates, but discovered a whole new world of responsibilities.  Time to do whatever I wanted has turned into a routine of obligations that must be fulfilled so that I don’t feel like life has no substance and meaning.  As I grow older it seems like life has taken on a whole new set of priorities.

Once young and strong, now showing signs of age and weakness forces me to think about what is next.  The Bible plants the seeds of eternity in our hearts.  We can’t help but think about what happens when this life comes to an end.  Is this all there is?  Or is there something better waiting for us in eternity?  

Every Easter, all around the world, Christians celebrate the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He is the hope of the world for those who trust in Him.  My childhood dreams of being older have been replaced with the hope of spending eternity with my Savior.  I now realize that getting older promises the certainty of something called death.  How could I have ever understood this culmination of life without personally witnessing it through the loss of family and friends?

God allows us to experience life to teach us some very important lessons.  Life is more than simply acquiring possessions we will leave to someone who won’t appreciate them.  Life is the gift that allows us to discover our Creator.  To walk in the woods and see the beauty of the mountains, rivers, wildlife, flowers, and puffy clouds reveals only a glimpse of His splendor.  He offers us much more.  God sent His Son to show us what He is like.  He is kind and gentle, just like Jesus.  He is not only our creator, He loves us.

Maybe you have never considered who Jesus is and what Easter is all about, but I hope this year will be different.  When you look outside at the beauty we are surrounded by I hope you will see something bigger and greater than you have ever seen before.  I hope the beauty of the blossoms and the flowers will open your eyes to the Master of the universe and help you see God for the first time.