City News

At the February 17, 2015 City Council Meeting:


Council Discusses Anderson Park Issues - Council spent time discussing issues surrounding monthly guests and conditions at Anderson Park.  Council and staff agreed there are concerns and changes that need to be made.  Council encouraged staff  to enforce rules and clean up the Park.


Council Approves Property Use for Open Air Market - Council approved a request from Bill Langmaid for use of the property at the corner of Bridge Street and Grant Avenue for use by the Open Air Market this upcoming summer.  The site is where the former health center building was located.  The Open Air Market will be held on Saturdays from June through September.  The Council denied the first choice location on Adams Avenue which would have required a street closure every week.  Council also agreed to waive business license fees for participating vendors at the market.


Council Passes Two Resolutions  – Council Passed Resolution 03-15, Amending City Council Rules and Procedures,  and Resolution 04-15 Amending Ordinance 880 which establishes the organization of City Committees.  Both resolutions made minor changes.  Resolution 03-15 adds an Action Item Summary to City Council meetings in Section 10 describing the Order of Business at a City Council meeting.  Resolution 04-15 adds verbiage to sections 3 and 7 of Ordinance 880, stating that two members of a City Committee may be appointed from outside city limits, adding “within the Vernonia School district Boundaries, ” and adding the statement, “In an event there is not a full committee, a quorum relates to its current capacity of members until filled.”


At the March 2, 2015 City Council Meeting:


Mayor Resigns to Accept Assistant City Admin Position - Mayor Josette Mitchell read a letter to the Council and audience announcing her resignation as Mayor in order to accept a staff position as Assistant to the City Administrator/City Recorder.  Council President Randy Parrow was nominated and accepted the role of Mayor and Councilor Kim Tierney was elected the new Council President.


Council Approves Agreement With Ridge Riders - Council voted to approve a Settlement Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Vernonia Ridge Riders equestrian group for use of the Equestrian Arena adjacent to Anderson Park, based on acceptance by the Ridge Riders.

Council Moves Forward with Timber Harvest on Mill Site – Council authorized staff to prepare a bid summary to harvest merchantable timber from the old mill site.  Potential contractors for the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) project may consider mining clay to seal edges of the raised lagoons that are part of the project and the City intends to remove any merchantable timber prior to the WWTP project starting.


City Administrator Report – Council heard a report from the City Administrator on recent work.  Council questioned the City Administrator about the meeting he held with downtown businesses about streetscape trees and instructed him to report to Council with solutions at the April 6 City Council meeting.  The City Administrator also brought up the idea of a City car for use by staff and was instructed to bring back a cost analysis to Council.


Council Hears Two Recommendations From Committees - Council heard a recommendation from the Public Works Committee asking them to prioritize the posting of the WasteWater Treatment Project RFP.  Later in the meeting  it was reported that a 500 page draft RPF is available for review and the City is only waiting for an approval from USDA before putting the RFP out to bid.

Council also heard a request from the Parks Committee asking staff to prioritize the hiring of a Parks Manager to oversee the maintenance, supervision and operation of parks properties.  A discussion ensued between Council and the City Administrator in which staff stated that they would be posting the position internally first. Council instructed the City Administrator to move forward with this by April 1.


Topics From the Floor - Sam Potter from the Public Works Committee asked Council to finalize procedures for  Public Works Committee members to participate in Waste Water Treatment Project meetings.

Ernie Smith asked about use of the new Spencer Park fields for the car show at Jamboree. Smith was told the City is planning for the fields to be available for use in the fall and is unsure about use for Jamboree.  The City will check with field experts and have an answer at the March 16 City Council meeting.


Council Accepts Resignation - Council accepted the resignation of Maria Williams from the Parks Committee.


Council to Hold Workshop - Council scheduled a workshop for March 30, at 6:30 to discuss Council goals and to discuss filling the vacant City Council position due to the resignation of Mayor Josette Mitchell and the appointment of Councilor Randy Parrow as Mayor.