City Department Updates, February 19-27

Administration/ Utility Billing

• As of 1/20/2015 the outstanding balances were as follows: 90 days: $630.59 60 days: $2,477.79 30 days $10,701.01

• With the new ordinance No. 898 that states bill are due within 30 days of billing date, in January we had 105 shut off notices sent out, 3 were shut off, and in February we are sending out 73 shut off notices. The numbers are coming down.

• Please come in to City Hall if you have an outstanding balance and would like to see if you are eligible for a payment plan, Thank you to all of you who have come in and set up payment plans.


• Finance Director filled out parade permit for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This is a small but lively parade put on each year by our local leprechaun, Pat Knight. Parade starts around 5:15, come out and join the fun.

• Finance Director met with our building inspector to go over permitting requirements for two new homes. Plans were submitted for review, but without a planner on staff the City will be looking for a planner to fill in. There are several steps involved in the permit process for new homes that must be done prior to issuance.

Public Works

• Public Works staff continued pruning of downtown trees.

• Staff began putting up new signage and parking lot striping at the VLCC in preparation for the Senior Center to move in.


• Library staff had a meeting on Tuesday, February 17 and discussed new procedures, upcoming programs, and new equipment.

• Library Director met with the Chief of Police to discuss staff procedures and follow-up in emergency and other difficult situations.

•  Every year the Friends of the Vernonia Library purchase a movie license for the library so we can show movies on a regular basis. Our movie license (through Movie Licensing, USA) restricts the library from using the name of the movie or studio when advertising through public media (newspapers, website, etc.). So that is why we ask you to contact the library for movie titles.

City Administrator /Administration 

•City Administrator, together with Mayor Mitchell and Councilor Hult attended a meeting with representatives of Ridge Riders.


• City Administrator met with Charlice Kaylor (The Building Department Manager/Building Official) to discuss current situation and potential improvement to the planning / inspection functions.

• The City Administrator, Mayor Mitchell, and Dan Brown (Community Action Team) met with Scott VanHoff (FEMA) to discuss enforcement of the City’s flood hazard reduction ordinance, and compliance with deficiencies noted in the previous Community Assistance Visit (CAV).