Vernonia School Board Report

At the January 8, 2015 School Board Meeting:


School Building Suffers Water Damage from Leak-School District Superintendent Aaron Miller informed the Council that a water leak was discovered early in the morning of Thursday, January 8 which caused significant  damage to the library and computer lab upstairs and the  school office on the ground floor.  Miller told the Board the staff all helped with clean up and the building was ready for students when they arrived with no delays.  Because the damage had just occurred that day, Miller told the Board he had not had a chance to talk with the insurance company, and was unsure how much of the damage would be covered.  The Board later approved Resolution 1415-02 declaring an emergency  that needed to be remedied through emergency contracts for repair work.


Student Reports- Fourth grade students from Ms. Blacker’s class made a presentation about volcanoes.  Lily Lindsley and Taylor Titus, representing the Leadership Class reported on activities at the high school.  Alexis Baska and Summer Snow presented  Board members with a gift to thank them for their service in honor of School Board Week.


NWRESD Report- Lisa Poehlitz and Paul Peterson, representing the Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD),  provided the Board with their Annual Report. The NWRESD assists school districts by providing educational services and opportunities for special needs students, for technological assistance and other instructional services.


Attendance Report- Elementary School Principal Aaron Miller provided  the Board with an Attendance Report.  Miller reported that of 236 students: 69 or 29.2% had missed more than 4 days; 19 or 8.1 % had missed more than 8 days;  7 or 2.9% had missed more than 12 days; and 1 had missed more than 15 days.  Miller told the Board he had filed two initial truancy reports and had one meeting with the Truancy Officer.  At Mist Grade School 4 students had missed more than 4 days.  Miller told the Board that mandatory contact from school staff to parents of chronically absent students was having some impact for certain students.  School Board President Bill Langmaid told Miller, “We have to do better.”


Fall Sports Report- Athletic Director Gordon Jarman provided the Board with a Fall Sports Report.  Jarman told the Board that Girls Volleyball team were league champions with a 14-4 record and qualified for the state tournament.  The JV team only had one loss.  Julia Fletcher, Taylor Titus and Brittany Young were all named First Team All League and Kassidy Fetch was named Second Team All League.

The Girls Cross Country team, made up exclusively of exchange students, won the league championship.  The Boys team finished second in the league and were led by Drew Cheney.

The football team won one game this season and ended the season with thirty-one players.

Jarman unveiled Northwest League Championship banners for the Volleyball and Girls Cross Country teams, which will be hung in the gym.


“The Promise of Oregon” Campaign- Board member Greg Kintz made a presentation to the Board on  “The Promise of Oregon, ”  a campaign  to focus attention on the accomplishments of Oregon’s kindergarten-14 students and the need to adequately fund public education.  The campaign was designed by the Oregon School Board Association.  Kintz showed the Board a short video created for the campaign.  The Board later passed resolution 1415-01 to support “The Promise of Oregon.” To watch the video go to: 

Board Hears First Reading of Policy Updates- The Board heard the first reading of eight policy updates.


Division 22 Standards- Superintendent Aaron Miller provided the Board with the Division 22 Report to the Community, which shows the school district’s compliance and non-compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules.  According to the report the district is in compliance with every rule except one-Required Instructional Time at the High School level.  The Board later authorized the district to include up to thirty hours of professional development in the calculation of instructional time.