Schools Update: Happy Holidays!

Winter vacation is a time for students to be with family, take a break from school and just be kids. While it is a time to rejuvenate, parents can continue to keep their students thinking. Everyday life, and holiday travels, are full of opportunities for students of all ages to use and maintain their essential academic skills. Here are a few ideas to try with your kids.

Cook a meal together. Cooking involves technical reading skills, organization and the use of measurement and fractions.  It is also a great time for children to learn responsibility while spending quality time with their family. Real world activities such as these help tie together academic learning with practical use.

Take a trip. While driving to grandma’s house, or anywhere else, play a game that uses the words and numbers on cars and signs. Use mileage signs to work on math skills. How far have you traveled? What is the distance between towns? How long will it take to get there at your current rate of speed? Which direction are you headed? Go old school and use a map. Get there and have fun doing it.

Watch the weather. Will it snow? Will it affect our travel? What kind of clothes should we take based on the weather? What will be the best weather days for our vacation plans?

Read. Curl up with a good book. Read a favorite magazine. Go to the library. Read and write letters and thank you letters. Help your child develop an interest they want to learn about and find reading materials to support their curiosity. Read, read, read!

Write. Write lists. Write letters to family. Have children help with cards. Write thank you notes. Write a story of your choice. Write.

While you are spending time with loved ones this holiday season, please take advantage of that time to first and foremost enjoy your family, and along the way, when those opportunities arise, remember to work in a little reading, writing and arithmetic.

        Happy Holidays!