Senior Center Board Progresses

The year 2015 will see several changes for the Vernonia Senior Center.

March 2015, due to FEMA requirements, will begin the demolition of their current facility. The purple building is required to be totally demolished by March 31, 2015. There is not another option. This has forced the Senior Center Board to seek funding for a new building. However, there will be a lag between demolition of the old facility and construction of a new one. The projected site will relocate their new facility in a safer location, above flood danger. This projected site will relocate both the Senior Center and Vernonia Cares Food Bank.

The twelve person Vernonia Senior Center Board, through frequent meetings and decisions, looked toward temporary relocation for both their Meal Program and their Thrift Shop. Leases are not yet signed but the new temporary locations are very close to becoming secured.

The Senior Board attended a Training Workshop in October which had been fully funded through a grant. During this work session, the Board learned and discussed proper procedure as they walk through their multiple decision-making processes now and as they plan for the future.

The Board reevaluated their budget earlier this year which led to the necessity to provide in-house meals for patrons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Home-delivered meals continue each weekday; no change or reduction was made to this part of the meal program. Patrons may also purchase entrée meals, at a reasonable cost, to take with them as their meal for Tuesday or Thursday. 

When the public buys meals from the Senior Center (which can be sold to any aged person), it tremendously helps the Senior Center’s meal program budget. Meal prices are reasonable: $4 for persons sixty years old or older, $5 for anyone under 60 years old and $5 for a “to go” meal.  Meals may be pre-ordered by calling the Senior Center (503-429-3912) by 11:30 on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Menus are available at the Senior Center and are often posted on the Senior Center Facebook page.

“Maintaining our current services and responsibilities during this transition time, as well as finding places to temporarily relocate our service programs while we are ‘homeless’ is a daunting task for each Board member,” says Senior Board Secretary Sandy Welch. “Many decisions face the Senior Center Board and they are working very hard to make the best choices while maintaining the organization’s mission statement. Each board member is committed to provide services, meals and socialization opportunities for our senior citizens.”