Meet the Exchange Students: Part 4

Celine Loffler- Celine is from Heidleberg, Germany and is living with Matt and Katie Poetter and their family, but is only staying in Vernonia until the end of January.  This is her first visit to the United States but she has traveled to Italy before and vacations in Spain.  She was one of the top five runners on the VHS girls cross country team which won the Northwest League Championship this season.  Celine says she loves Skittles and American burgers.  She says she mostly likes small town Vernonia, but doesn’t like that people gossip a lot.  A sophomore here, Celine will return home to finish high school and study for university.

L-R: Celine Loffler, Niklas Merzadah, Lisa Paje Rius, and Nikita Moskalev

L-R: Celine Loffler, Niklas Merzadah, Lisa Paje Rius, and Nikita Moskalev

Niklas Merzadah- Nik is spending the year in Vernonia with Kathy Jackson and Stan Zook. He played offensive and defensive line for the Loggers football team this fall and says he  would like to try wrestling and track this year as well.  Nik says he likes Vernonia and the people here, but says it’s much different than the big city of Cologne, Germany where he is from.  He says he likes all the food in the U.S. but his favorite is hot dogs and burgers.  Nik traveled with his family to the United States and visited the east coast four years ago, and says he likes getting to see the west coast this time.  He has also traveled to Turkey, Egypt and India.

Lisa Paje Rius- Lisa is from Monaco, France and is living with the Lindauer family this year.  Lisa was  one of the top five runners on the  girls cross country team which won the NW League Championship for Vernonia this year.  She says she likes Vernonia because everyone knows each other.  Lisa says her favorite American food is burgers.  Lisa has visited the United States several times in the past and has been to Miami twice, New York City and Orlando to see Disney World.  She has also visited Dubai, Denmark, and Spain.

Nikita Moskalev- Nik is from far eastern Russia and is spending his year in Vernonia with Justin and Ashley Ward.  A junior, Nik played wide receiver and cornerback for the VHS football team and says he will play basketball this winter and run track and field in the spring.  Nik say he likes the ice cream and yogurt here in the U.S. and also fast foods.  Nik says he took this year away from home to see a new place and help him decide what he wants to do with his future.  He says he will return to Russia for one more year of school and then go to university.  Nik has traveled to Japan, South Korea and extensively in China.  This is his first time visiting the U.S.