Schools Update: Making Adjustments for Overcrowded Classrooms

Increased enrollment is a great thing for the vitality and diversity of our schools, as well as for the long-term, financial health of our community and school district. Enrollment is up this year, and we expect that trend to continue.

While this is very positive for our schools and community, it does come with some complications in terms of effectively meeting the needs of those extra students while still being funded based on lower enrollment numbers from the past. Fortunately, we have been able to work through these “growing pains” with some additional hiring since the beginning of this school year.

In addition to an increase in our primary grade enrollment, we have also seen larger class sizes in third, fourth and sixth grades. The following staffing increases have already been added to help alleviate larger class sizes:

•   One full-time Kindergarten-2nd Grade


•   One full-time K-12 Behavior Specialist

•  One extra period of math instruction

at the Middle School

•  Three middle school/high school

teachers increased their schedule by

one period per day, increasing their hours to full-time

The following staffing increases will occur prior to the start of the second quarter to address the needs of larger student populations in fourth and sixth grades:

•  Two part-time Instructional Assistants moved to full-time (one will help with the behavior program, and one will help with increased numbers in the intermediate grades).

•  Three more middle school/high school teachers will add one more period of instruction to their day to decrease high 6th grade class sizes in Science, Math and Language Arts, as well as to decrease numbers in our first period Middle School PE course.

These additions have already proven to help alleviate some of our issues due to large class sizes, and we are confident that the changes happening at the end of the first quarter will provide further relief.

We continue working hard to meet the needs of our students, while still living within our budget. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our increased enrollment and how we are addressing these changes, please call Aaron Miller at the District Office: 503-429-5891.