Meet the Exchange Students: Part 3

Tomy Breton- Tomy is from Quebec, Canada and is spending his year in Vernonia living with Tim, Allison and Canon McLeod.  Tomy is a hockey player in Canada, but is playing football this fall for the Loggers where he is a running back and outside linebacker.  In Canada he plays hockey and is friends with Sam Hout, who was an exchange student in Vernonia last year.  He says he will try either basketball or wresting in the winter and baseball in the spring.   A senior, Tomy says he is taking this year to decide what he wants to do in his future, but says he may study natural sciences in college.  This is Tomy’s first time in the United States, but has traveled to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and to Europe for two weeks for a hockey tournament.

L to R:  Tomy Breton, Marketa Veselkova, Nathalie Scholz,  Oleksandra Romanchuk (back) and Nikita Osiyev.

L to R: Tomy Breton, Marketa Veselkova, Nathalie Scholz,
Oleksandra Romanchuk (back) and Nikita Osiyev.

Marketa Veselkova- Marketa is from Prague, Czech Republic.  Her older sister Helena was an exchange student in Vernonia two years ago.  A junior, Marketa is spending this year with the Lindauer family.  She is running cross country and finished second for the Lady Loggers when they won the league championship this year.  She is an accomplished basketball player in her home country and will be a nice addition to the VHS varsity this winter.  She says she will probably run track in the spring.  She says there is so much good food here, she couldn’t choose a favorite.  Marketa says she has traveled extensively in Europe; some of her favorite places were Rome and Valencia. She also visited the U.S. twice before, once to New York when she was very young and then a few years ago when she visited San Francisco and Las Vegas.  Marketa says it would be “really amazing” if she could come back to America for her senior year and then try to go to college here in the States.  She says she loves it here in Vernonia because it is very different from the big city of Prague.  “Everyone knows everyone,” says Marketa.  “When you are walking on the street, someone will just stop and start talking to you.  It’s really cool!”

Nathalie Scholz- Nathalie is living with Nicole Whiteman in Vernonia.  She is from a small village in central Germany.  Nathalie has been a big part of the Lady Loggers district champion volleyball team as a middle blocker, and says she will try basketball this winter and softball in the spring.  She says American burgers are her favorite food here, especially at Red Robin. Nathalie has previously traveled to Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland and Denmark.  This is her first time in the United States.  A junior this year, she says she will return to Germany to finish high school and then attend university to study fashion.  Nathalie says she really likes Vernonia because it is a little village where it is easy to meet friends.  She says she especially likes Vernonia’s downtown with its coffee shops and restaurants.

Oleksandra Romanchuk- “Sandra” is from Ukraine near the border of Poland and is living with the Rethwill family.  She is a cheerleader this year who says she is trying to avoid eating junk food, “…because it is unhealthy.”  She enjoys cooking Ukrainian foods and has been preparing them for her host family here in Vernonia so they can get to know her culture better and so she can still eat her favorite Ukrainian foods.  A senior, Sandra has been singing since she was six years old and would like to return to the United States to pursue a professional singing career. She was previously an exchange student in Poland and this is her first visit to the States.

Nikita Osiyev- Nikita is living with the Cheney family and is from Ukhta, a city in northwest Russia.  Nikita is running cross country.  He is also very interested in music.  In Russia he plays guitar in his own rock band and is playing drums in the VHS band. He is also interested in theater and has directed a musical in Russia and is continuing to write and record music while here in the United States.   Nikita says one of his other passions is cooking.  He also loves to travel and has visited Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.   He says when he travels he really likes to experience the culture and have an interesting experience- when he visited Greece he spent time with a chef learning to cook traditional Greek foods, and also met with Spanish musicians while visiting Spain this past summer and played a concert with them.

A correction: In our October 16, 2014 issue, in the article titled  “Meet the Exchange Students:Part 2” on page 14, we incorrectly stated that Julie Courchet was running cross country for Vernonia High School.  Julie was only working out with the team and did not run competitively for the VHS squad.  Vernonia’s Voice regrets this error.