City News

At the October 6, 2014 City Council Meeting:

Council Postpones Zone Change Hearing- Mayor Josette Mitchell announced to the audience that a scheduled Public Hearing to consider a request by Bud and Sharla Dow to change the zone designation of the Lincoln School parcel on Bridge Street was being postponed until October 20.

Topics From the Floor- Burdette Robb spoke against the proposed zone change for the Lincoln School property. He would like it to stay Residential.

Council Changes Sewer EDU’s- Council held a long discussion about a request from the Public Works Committee to return sewer Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU’s) to pre-Muni billing counts.  When the City installed the new Muni billing system, several accounts were unintentionally changed, causing the city to lose revenue each month.  The City has been gathering accurate data and intending to  establish policy to make larger changes to the billing rates in the future and has not adjusted the accounts that were inadvertently adjusted in the interest of only making changes one time.  Council voted to return two sewer account EDU’s to pre-Muni billing immediately.

Council Releases School District Funds- Council voted to release approximately $500,000 in funds to the Vernonia School District that were being  held in escrow pending the completion of Spencer Park.  There are several questions about documentation for changes to the original Intergovernmental Agreement that were agreed upon between the School District and City.  Council has received a letter from Dan Brown, who is responsible for assuring compliance for the project for Columbia County, stating their was no reason  not to release the funds. Council agreed that the District had met all their obligations and agreed to release the funds based on adequate documentation being located and agreement from the National Park Service that the District has met all their obligations.  Council voted 4-0 with Councilor Kim Tierney abstaining.

Council Directs Staff to Develop Internet User Policy- City Administrator Gian Paolo Mammone told Council there has been issues with internet access at the Library which has caused problems to the City computer system.  Council directed staff to develop a policy for internet use at the Library and to fix the problem with the City system.

Council Approves Resolution to Finance WWTP- Council  approved Resolution 20-14 which  allow the City to receive revenue bonds to finance the Waste Water Treatment Plant project.

Council Approves WWTP Construction Documents- Council approved construction documents for the Waste Water Treatment Plant project for bidding requirements.

Council Approves Travel Trailer Permit- Council approved a request from Gene Winningham to inhabit a travel trailer at 888 Jefferson Avenue from October 2014 to March 2015.

Mayor Appoints McCord to Committee- Based on a recommendation from the Emergency Preparedness Committee and with the approval of the City Council, Mayor Mitchell appointed Kristina  McCord to the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Council Declares Surplus Property-Council approved Resolution 19-14 declaring items at the Vernonia Public Library, a file cabinet at City Hall and a 2006 Crown Victoria and 2007 Ford Explorer belonging to the Vernonia Police Department, as surplus property and authorizing the sale of these items.

Mayor Accepts Thank You Letter- Mayor Mitchell accepted a thank you letter from Aaron Miller, Superintendent of the Vernonia School District, in regards to Council’s decision to waive remaining System Development Charges the District owed the City.

Council Recesses to Executive Session- Council recessed into Executive Session under ORS 196.660(2)(h) Legal Council.  Upon returning to open session Council conducted no further business.