Students Attend Logging Congress

LoggingCongress1-webVernonia middle school and high school students took a field trip and spent the day on Thursday, September 25 at the 105th Pacific Logging Congress’ “In the Woods” show.

The event was held on the Port Blakely Tree Farm in Molalla, OR.

The Pacific Logging Congress provides technical education about forest industries to politicians, educators and students, and the general public.  It is also an opportunity for those in the logging industry to see new equipment.  The Pacific Logging Congress provides a forum for loggers to discuss changes and new innovations in the industry.

LoggingCongressEquipment-webLoggingCongressMikePihlAlexWest-webThe Vernonia students did a walking tour of the site of the “In the Woods” program in groups of about twenty-five and learned about the logging and forest products industries and markets as well as viewed a live demonstration of a logging operation. This was the 7th “In the Woods” program, which is held every four years and brought over 2,000 regional students out to the site.

“What you’re going to see today, is what happens every day out in the woods,” said Eric Metcalf of Pacific Lumber and Shipping Company, who, along with Ray Liebe, acted as  guides for one of the Vernonia student groups.

Students attended demonstrations at several stations. Students learned about the makeup of a forest, watched logging equipment in action, tried their hand at some logging competitions, and learned about replanting laws and techniques.