Schools Update: Partnerships

Partnerships are incredibly important in any business, but they are essential in the business of education. The Vernonia School District has a variety of partners who have helped with building and funding our new campus, developing curriculum, providing our students with work experience opportunities, and many other valuable tasks. Even with all this support, the most important partnerships we have are with our parents and community.

Our parents in the Vernonia Community Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the NW Bicycle Safety Council (NWBSC) will be helping kids by putting on a Bike-a-thon and Free Bike Helmet fitting on Saturday, September 20 at Vernonia Lake from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM. Children can get a fitted helmet free from the NWBSC and then participate in a fundraising bike-a-thon, sponsored by the PTA. We hope you can join us!

Parents are pivotal in developing a student’s readiness to attend school, and once students walk through those doors in Kindergarten parents are still an integral part of their child’s academic development. Besides volunteering at school there are many opportunities for parents to be a part of their child’s school experience. Just as with their students, the more involved parents are at school, the more they will get out of the experience, and in turn the more their children will gain from their schooling.

Some ways parents can be involved with their student’s education:

•  Ensure your student is getting enough sleep and is eating well so their brains are ready to work hard throughout the day.

•  Talk with their teacher and be involved in the educational process. Check in to make sure they are completing their assignments, are using their time wisely in class and turning in their homework.

•  Volunteer at school. Join the PTA. Sign up to help with the school carnival on Saturday, September 27. Contact Melissa Zavales or Susan Ely to sign up (503-429-1333).

• Attend Open House: Thursday, October 9. Have a hot dog and meet your child’s teachers.

•  Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences on November 6 or 7.

• Join our school Site Council and provide input for setting goals and areas of focus for future school initiatives. Please call Debbie Stahlnecker (503-429-1333).

•  Show up at an athletic contest, band concert or other school activity or fund raiser.

School is like many other opportunities in life, in that you get out of it exactly what you put into it. We hope that you and your students will continue to put in the time and energy to partner with our schools, help our students be successful, and keep our community strong.