School Back in Session: Be Prepared and Aware

school is open pictureThe 2014-15 school year is underway! With the start of school comes extra foot, car and bus traffic. Be prepared to leave earlier and slow your commute in the morning and afternoon hours. Be aware of children waiting at bus stops, walking along roadways and at crosswalks. Be extra cautious at the crosswalk in front of the fire department, where children are crossing and traffic is turning in/out to access the school. SLOW DOWN when entering this area! If you are approaching or following a school bus, pay attention! School bus drivers will turn on flashing amber lights 100 – 300 feet in advance, to warn traffic that the bus is preparing to stop on the road to load or unload children. Drivers should get ready to stop. Remember that you cannot pass a school bus when the red lights are flashing! Let’s keep our children safe this year! All it takes is awareness and patience!