Vernonia RFPD Monthly Update

Station and Grounds:
• Several of our volunteers rebuilt and installed the new Fire Danger sign next to the station.
• The district is working on bids to upgrade and install more efficient lighting inside, as well as add some exterior lighting for safety of our responders.
• The red Suburban (previously C450) has been re-numbered U458 and is being used to transport students to class and for response by our duty shift officers.
• The new C450 is a few steps closer to being finished. All the lights have been installed and the wiring is in progress. Construction of a tool mounting system is underway for the rear storage tray.
• Repairs to Water Tender 452 last month included some light bulbs and a transmission filter seal kit. The district is looking to update the filter assembly to ease maintenance and prevent further fluid leak issues.
•  41 total calls for July.
• Volunteer totals are nine active firefighters, three Officers, two Officers in training, two emergency logistics, and one non-emergency logistics.
• Crews attended a day out at Echoing Evergreens Day Camp.
• Crews worked with Metro West personnel through Jamboree.
• The volunteer association held its annual golf benefit at the Vernonia Golf Club.
• The station hosted National Night Out.

VRFPDNightOut2-webDistrict Duties:
• WT452 was one of several Columbia County apparatus’ called in to duty at the Rowena conflagration fire from early August 6th to late August 9th. The task force performed duties from structural triage and burn preparation to front line defense of the advancing flames.