School Bus Routes Announced for Fall

This is a summary of all main bus routes; these are estimated times. There will be a 5 minute window of time allowed for pickups on routes and all route times are subject to change due to additional stops and unforeseen traffic issues.

Special needs and in town small buses will be determined at the start of school pending notification of riders.

Special needs and out of town small bus will be determined at the start of school pending notification of riders.

Small bus routes change all during the school year as they carry all of our smallest riders and they vary daily.

Timber Route AM

7:09AM Clear Ck Rd.

7:11AM near 55670 Timber Rd.

7:15AM near 57139 Timber Rd.

7:20AM Kirk Rd.

7:21AM Airport Rd.

7:24AM Hwy 47/Timber Rd.

7:26AM Storage Too

7:30AM 1st/Cougar St.

7:32AM Maple St.

7:33AM Columbia Ave/Rose Ave.

Pebble Ck. Route AM

6:45AM Arctic Way

7:05AM Hwy 47S near tree farm

7:09AM Peterson Rd.

7:12AM Johnson Rd.

7:15AM bottom of McDonald Rd.

7:20AM Seidleman Rd.

7:25AM near 58021 Pebble Ck Rd.

7:30AM Chinese Restaurant

7:33AM Elm St.

7:34AM Grove St.

7:35AM Juniper St.

Birkenfeld Route (big bus)

7:05AM Hwy 202/Hwy 47N (mainline)

7:08AM Battle Ck Bridge

7:10AM Museum

7:14AM Natal Grange

7:19AM Peterson Station

7:24AM Scap/Vern Hwy junction

7:30AM Sleepy Lane

7:33AM Stoney Point Rd.

7:41AM Heather Lane

7:43AM Cherry St.

Keasey Route

7:05AM Fibre mainline

7:07AM Boeck Rd.

7:15AM Burn Rd.

7:20AM Flack Rd.

7:24AM Eden Rd.

7:26 Stoney Point/Lincoln Rd

7:30AM 2nd/Nehalem Rd.

7:31AM 3rd/Nehalem Rd.

7:32AM 5th and 6th/Nehalem Rd.

7:33AM 5th/Bridge St.

7:34AM 4th/Bridge St.

Scappoose Route

7:11AM near 22071 Scap/Vern Hwy

7:17AM Peterson

7:22AM beginning of Stoney Point Rd.

7:26AM Stoney Point/Woods Rd.

7:30AM Stoney Point/Mellinger Rd.

7:31AM G/State St.

7:35AM B/State St.

7:37AM North/State St.

Sm. bus Fishhawk 1st Route

6:25AM Fishhawk Rd.

6:40AM Hwy 202 near Shalmon Libels farm supply

6:45AM near Mist School

6:50AM Mist junction

6:55AM Barkanall to transfer students

Sm. bus Fishhawk 2nd Route

7:10AM end of Fishhawk Rd.

7:35AM near Shalmon Libels

farm supply

7:45AM Burris Rd.

7:55AM near Big Eddy Park

8:00AM Crawford Rd.