Local Author Speaks to Book Club

DianaPeach-webLocal author Diana Peach met with the Vernonia Library Book Club on Monday, July 28 at the Vernonia Library.

Peach, who publishes her books under the name D. Wallace Peach, spoke with the group for over an hour.  Peach discussed her motivation for writing, her writing style, and the difficulties of becoming a published author.

Peach recently released her third book through Mockingbird Lane Press, titled ‘Sunwielder.’  Her first book, titled ‘Myths of the Mirror’ was published in 2013.  Peach followed that by publishing “The Melding of Aeris,’ also in 2013.

A prolific writer, Peach’s stories are in the fantasy genre and are set in imaginatively created  worlds.  Her highly original plots include themes that can be interpreted as relating to current day issues; environmental destruction, science gone wild, and the ethical  treatment of other species are subject matter that feature prominently in Peach’s stories.  “It’s really interesting what different people take from books and what they see as relevant,” says Peach.  “I feel like there are themes in all my books that are relevant to our lives.  That’s  part of what makes them compelling for me to write.  I feel like I’m writing about things that matter, even though it’s fantasy.”

Peach also explores other personal issues like the power of choices and how our choices define our lives, love relationships, vanity, and the idea that happiness cannot be bought.

‘Myths of the Mirror is a coming of age story about two young people who defy the forces of fear and power to free the dragons of the lair.

‘The Melding of Aeris’ takes place in a world that grafts animal and human flesh where Aeris is born a monster.  He receives a gift of human skin, learning too late that he wears the flesh of a murdered man. Aeris vows to end the process of melding, no matter the cost.

In ‘Sunwielder,’ mortally wounded Gryff receives a medallion that returns him to the critical moments that altered his life’s journey. New choices lead him on an epic journey through death, war, friendship, and love.

Peach told the book group that it takes her about thirty days to initially write the first draft of her books.  “I write twelve hours a day, seven days a week,” said Peach.  “I start at 4:30 in the morning and write straight through until 4:30 in the afternoon.  The story is just there, the dialog is there and my characters are there and I just have to disgorge it into my computer.  Then I take about six months to work on it, edit it; looking at word choices, and reworking sentences.”

It is interesting to note that Peach’s writing in each of her books is very different.  “I’m a new enough writer and I’m just exploring the very broad genre of fantasy writing,” explained Peach.  “I’m trying different voices—trying first person, trying third person.  Trying present tense, trying past tense.  Trying lighter work, trying darker work.  Trying war.  Trying the male protagonist, trying the female protagonist.  It’s still an experiment for me and I’m still playing with it.  My style is kind of the same but the books are all very different.”

Peach seems to have no problem coming up with new ideas for stories.   “There are lots of ways to refigure a story,” says Peach.  “I often have discussions with other writers online about the fact that all the good plots have already been used a million times.  But if you just tweak a story here or there and add this and change that,  you have a whole new story.”

What is most amazing is that Peach says she didn’t start writing until after she turned fifty years old.  “Once I started I was hooked,” said Peach.  Peach says her work rate has slowed considerably since her first grandchild was born this past year.

Peach’s  books have received very complementary reviews on Amazon.  She says she is almost ready to release her newest work, ‘Dragon Soul Trilogy’ which will include the books ‘Eye of Fire,’ Eye of Blind,’ and ‘Eye of Sun.’  The trilogy is a sequel to Peach’s first book ‘Myths of the Mirror’ and should be out by the end of the year.  “It’s a sequel but it can also stand alone, so someone could read it without reading the first book,” says Peach.  “It kind of fills in the back story.”

She says her seventh book, ‘The Bone Wall,’  which she described as “…very dark, very grim;  almost a horror story,” is basically finished and is being critiqued by other writers before going to print.  She says she is currently working on her eighth book.


Diana Peach’s books are available for purchase on Amazon.com and for check-out at the Vernonia Library.