Thank You Jamboree Committee!

Another Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show weekend has come and gone.  From what I heard throughout the weekend and have read on social media following the weekend’s conclusion, people around the community were very pleased with what they experienced at Jamboree this year.

The Jamboree Committee has been meeting throughout the year, working on plans to expand and improve Jamboree.  The committee had several goals this year: increase attendance and participation, increase the number and variety of vendors, and provide live entertainment and over-all make the event more family friendly.  It seems like they succeeded on all fronts.

Although sparsely attended at times, the entertainment was, for the most part, top notch.  It was almost impossible not to notice the large increase in vendors along Bridge and Adams Streets. Activities for kids were on prominent display from the large climbing wall to the magi show on Friday evening.  And I think everyone noticed the increase in the size of the crowd.

All and all it seems like the Jamboree Committee met their goals and provided for a fun and entertaining weekend for our community.

All of this would not have happened without the hard work of the numerous volunteers who help make Jamboree happen each year.  But this year involved a lot of extra work and several individuals need to be recognized for their outstanding efforts.  Ernie Smith was the Chair once again and pulled together a terrific team.  A very special thank you should be directed to four individuals who have been involved throughout the year and were just about everywhere, doing everything, during the weekend.  Alicia Normand, Jessie Taylor, Randy Carlton and Lance Kemper did an amazing amount of work on pre-event logistics and planning, advertising the event, pre-weekend set up and post-event clean up. Every time there was a need they volunteered.  Without these four this weekend would not have happened.  Thank you!

Another special thank you goes out to Sarah Rumbolz who organized the entertainment and stage this year and did a wonderful job.  Sarah was on-hand all weekend making sure the entertainers were taken care of and that the acts all had sound and power.  Thank you also to Kim Bernardi who organized the parade and I thought did a great job!  Also, to Bill Hawkins who organizes the softball tournament every year and provided sage advice, ideas and encouragement to the rest of the committee.    And  to Kelly and Lindsay Baska and all the other volunteers who have revived and continued the tradition of the Logging Show. Again, without all of you this weekend would not have been the same.

A special thank you needs to go out to the families of all involved in the Jamboree Committee.  They willingly (and I’m sure unwillingly at times) gave up time with their spouses and partners and  their moms and dads, and allowed the committee members to do this volunteer work that the rest of us get to enjoy.  It’s a big sacrifice and deserves recognition.

There were several new events this year.  Thanks to Melissa Zavales for stepping up and making the Kid’s Zone a reality this year.  To the Westside Cruisers Car Club for helping bring back the Car Show.  And to Jack Finzel and Jay Anderson for setting up and running the Heritage Engine Exhibit.

There are a lot of other events which take place during Jamboree weekend.  I don’t want to miss  anyone and it is almost impossible to name everyone by name.  Thanks to those who organized  and volunteered at the Motorcycle Show, the Lawn Mower Races, the Book Sale, the Fishing Derby, the Black Powder Encampment, the Ridge Riders Play Day, the Fire and Rescue Golf Tournament and the 4-H Petting Zoo.

Also, a big thank you to Jeff Burch and the City of Vernonia staff who helped out in innumerable ways.  And finally a big thank you to Joann Glass and to Jill Hult who most recently served on past Jamboree Committees and who have helped keep Jamboree alive through some of those tough recent years.  Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and are appreciated.

As you can see, Jamboree weekend does not happen by itself.  It takes an immense amount of planning, direction, organization and just plain hard work.  Almost all of the effort is done by volunteers who give up their time, and to be honest, some blood, sweat and tears, to make the weekend a success.

Thank you again to all of you for pulling together and making this Jamboree Weekend one the best in recent memory.  You are doing great work!