Schools Update: New Campus Softball Field

The Vernonia School District (VSD) continues to move forward with facilities development on the new schools’ campus and one of the next projects to be undertaken is the development of our sports fields. The Vernonia Education Foundation (VEF) is charged with raising funds to help with the overall debt retirement of our new facilities, but also with generating funds to help complete these facilities.  A  new, on-campus, varsity softball field is the initial focus of the VEF Sports Initiative.

The VEF Sports Initiative Committee has worked diligently to raise funds for our sports facilities and their plan is to begin work this summer on the softball field at the new site. If all goes well the softball field will be completed in time for next year’s season. While the majority of funding is in place for this project, it will take a concerted effort by VSD staff, the VEF and local volunteers to make this lofty goal a reality. 

Athletic staff, administration, VEF board members and the field designers have been meeting regularly to determine a plan of action and are now looking for other volunteers who are ready, willing and able to help with the project. Volunteers and/or donations to help with these items would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list:

•   Excavation

•   Dirt transport

• Purchase and installation of drainage and irrigation systems

•   Grass seed procurement

•   Grass seed installation

•   Fence and backstop construction

•   Dugout construction

If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping out with this, or any other volunteer project at the schools, please contact Aaron Miller at 503-429-5891. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated as we continue to move forward to make our schools and facilities the best they can be.