Vernonia City News

At the July 7, 2014 City Council Meeting:

Council Hears Presentation on School Financial Situation- Council heard a presentation from School Superintendent Aaron Miller, State Senator Betsy Johnson, John Donovan, Mark Ellsworth and County Commissioner Tony Hyde, concerning school debt.  The group asked the Council to consider forgiving over $100,000 in debt the school district owes the City of Vernonia for System Development Charges.  The Council will review the request.  (See full story starting on front page.)

Mayor Reappoints Lloyd- Mayor Josette Mitchell reappointed Neil Lloyd to the Library Committee.

Council Discusses Illegal Transfer Station Dumping- Council discussed an issue of illegal dumping at the Waste Management Transfer Station which occurred several weeks ago.  Mayor Mitchell explained that the Transfer Station was closed due to work being done on the sewer lagoons and that signs were posted.  The Transfer Station gate was left unlocked as it was to be used as a turnaround for the sewer lagoon project.  Multiple people dumped their garbage in the area during the weekend, with Waste Management estimating that at least 5 tons of solid waste were illegally dumped.  Waste Management has billed the City of Vernonia $413.75 for clean up and removal.  Vernonia Police Mike Conner says he has three names of people he believes dumped garbage and is pursuing charges of Criminal Trespass.  

Council Approves Beer Gardens for Jamboree- Council approved requests from All In Pub and Cedar Side Inn at Hawkins Park for temporary use of their annual OLCC license for beer gardens during Jamboree.

Council Approves Utility Agreement-Council authorized the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the Gwin family to finalize a utility hookup situation.  The Gwin family paid for water utility hookups to property they own on Keasey Road over fifteen years ago, but never had the hookups installed.  The new agreement documents that the Gwins will be allowed to hook up any two properties they own to an existing water line.

Council Discusses Five Foot Strip of Land- Council discussed a five foot wide strip of land located next to property owned by Owen and Claudine East on B Street.  The property was previously abandoned.  The Council agreed to go through the process to convey the property to the East family.

Council Allows Firepit in Public Right-of-Way- Council told Loren Loomis that he does not have to remove a fire pit he has constructed at the end of North Street which is located in the public right-of-way next to his property.  Loomis said he was unaware it was in the right-of-way.  Council told Loomis he has to get a Flood Development Permit and allow use of the fire pit by the public.

Council Approves Gravel for School-Council approved a request by the Vernonia School District for the donation of 250 yards of gravel owned by the City for use in construction of the new school shop building.

Council Agrees to Repair Cemetery Marker- Council agreed to repair a cemetery marker for the Titus family which was damaged during mowing.  The repaired marker will be placed at a lower level so it will not be damaged again in the future.  Cost is $570 and will be shared between the City and the Cemetery Beautification Committee.

Council Approves Flood Property Purchase- Council passed Resolution 16-14 and approved the purchase and sale agreement of 510 Bridge Street, the Vernonia Health Clinic Building, using CDBG and HMGP funds from the 2007 flood event.