Plans Unveiled for $1 Billion Investment in Clatskanie

Over eighty community leaders were in attendance in Clatskanie for a presentation given by NW Innovation Works, LLC on Tuesday, May 6.  The presentation focused on the major industrial project the corporation is planning at Port Westward, about seven miles from Clatskanie on the Columbia River.  The event was hosted by the Columbia County Economic Team at the recently re-opened Humps Restaurant.

NW Innovation Works, a multi-national partnership, is currently looking to develop plants in three locations in Oregon and Washington: Port Westward, Port of Kalama and the Port of Tacoma.

State Senator Betsy Johnson greets executives from NW Innovation Works at Hump’s restaurant in Clatskanie.

State Senator Betsy Johnson greets executives from NW Innovation Works at Hump’s restaurant in Clatskanie.

NW Innovation Works will invest one billion dollars at each plant and will produce methanol from natural gas which will be shipped to Asia – including China – where it will be used to produce the key compound employed in the manufacturing of everything from plastic water bottles, cell phone cases, nylon carpets and more.

Each new plant will provide 1000 jobs during construction, along with 120 permanent family wage jobs once the initial phase in completed. During a planned second phase a second plant will be constructed which will double the size of each complex.

A lease agreement has been reached between Port Westward and NW Innovation Works.  The proposed time line for the project calls for engineering and permitting to take place over the next twelve to eighteen months, with construction beginning by the end of 2015, and production beginning in 2018.

Port Westward is a 1700 acre energy focused marine industrial park managed by the Port of St. Helens.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency characterizes methanol as a biodegradable and non-carcinogenic chemical.

Major investors in NW Innovation Works include PPE, a joint venture between CECC and Dalian Xizhong Island Petrochemical Park, and H&Q Asia Pacific. CECC (Shanghai Bi Ke Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) is a Joint Venture between the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and British Petroleum.

The presentation included a slide show explaining the proposed industrial plant by Murray V. (Vee) Godley, President of Northwest Innovation Works and numerous other executives from NW Innovation Works, including Simon Zhang, CEO of NW Innovation Works  and, Li Huimin, Deputy Director of Dalian Xizhong Petrochemical Park.

Brian Little, former City Administrator for the City of St. Helens has been hired as the Oregon Development Consultant.

State Senator Betsy Johnson was in attendance along with Columbia County Commissioners Tony Hyde, Henry Heimuller and Earl Fisher.