School and Community Help Spackmans

SpackmansQuilt-webVernonia School Councilor David Spackman is in need of a liver transplant and will be traveling to Florida sometime in the near future.  To help him and his wife Sonia with their living and travel expenses  the Vernonia community has stepped up in several different ways.  On Monday, March 3, Vernonia school staff and numerous community members showed their love and support by presenting David, Sonia and therapy dog Teddy with several SpackmansTeddy-webgifts.  School students have been donating coins over the last several weeks; Allison McLeod, Sharon Bernal and Janean Zavales  (below) presented the Spackmans with $1862.96 the kids collected to help the family.  School staff held a breakfast and collected an additional $865 and also presented David and Sonia with a pair of handmade quilts (below right) and Teddy with a new scarf (right).  The Vernonia Lions Club also held a Texas Hold ‘Em fundraiser and donated $1238 to the cause.